Keening for the Dawn

Produced by: Dave Zeglinski, Steve Bell & Murray Pulver

Released: November 13, 2012

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“This is no mere jingly Christmas album, but a deep and beautiful recovery of the season of advent, of the darkness and longing that come before, and give their depth, to joy.” Malcolm Guite, author of Faith, Hope and Poetry / Ashgate Press, Cambridge, UK

Co-produced by Doc Walker’s Murray Pulver, and drawing from the deep pool of Canadian, veteran musicianship, Keening is a superbly crafted, elegant offering befitting an artist with 16 albums (well over 300,000 sold) and numerous awards, including two JUNOs and multiple Prairie and Western Canadian Music awards.

Consistent with previous projects is Steve’s richly melodic song-craft, sonorous tenor vocals and percussive, finger-style guitar. Unique to this project is the evidence of Steve’s lyric collaboration and friendship with the celebrated English poet, Malcolm Guite, whose generous contribution elevates Keening to a level of imaginative insight rarely offered in the popular music idiom. Cutting a wide stylistic swath from acoustic roots to symphonic heights, Keening for the Dawn reanimates the rich currents of meaning underneath the tradition of Christmas.


  1. Praise God for Steve Bell’s heart for God. What a privilege I will have to hear him with Biola University President Corey Saturday June 29th at the CBS Studio Hollywood.

  2. To Steve, or who ever may be able to help me. I am looking for you album Beyond a Shadow? I was told that was the name. The song I am looking for is Ride on King Jesus. My church Faith Covenant in Manistee MI. are going on a mission trip in a month to Unalakleet Alaska and my wife and I want to sing and teach the village your song. If you may I am looking for the sheet music, chords and notes and the album. Can you help me out. Thank you, I love your music. Timothy & Michelle

    For all that, best call Faye at my office. I’m not sure if there is sheet music but there may be… Call 1.800-854-5499 ~Steve


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