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The Phantom Tollbooth: Keening for the Dawn Review by Michael Dalton

One joy and reason for thanksgiving is the incredible diversity that God has placed in this world. The variety of Christmas recordings is one example. They can be as different as night and day but be just as rewarding, depending on the preferences and disposition of the listener. This is unique among the Christmas recordings that I have reviewed both past and present.
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Keening for the Dawn Review / Interview: Kevin Belmonte, October 2012

Some gifts mark the seasons, and are, in themselves, things we return to gladly—gratefully.
Such a gift comes this year in Keening for the Dawn, the new release from one of Canada’s finest singer-songwriters: Steve Bell. For more than twenty years, his rich tenor voice has sounded in tandem with the fluent phrasings of a skilled guitarist. They have garnered Juno Awards that stand testimony to the respect of his peers.
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Kin.dness Review/ Interview: Clarion Journal, February 2nd 2011

The sounds of this new album are typically fresh and beautiful–the questions challenging and prophetic. He asks for example, ‘Borders have their place, no doubt, But who gives the orders to abandon hope for common ground?’ While I was still asking myself what that means, Bell comes to his punchline, ‘It’s always been about love. It’s only ever been about love.’ He reminds us in ‘Kindness’ that ‘Christ has no body here but ours …Through our touch, our smile, our listening ear, embodied in us, Jesus is living here…
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Roots Music Canada: “Kindness” the thought behind the gift.

April 3, 2011 Author: Paul Corby
How does a Christian craftsman consider Jesus? That’s the question even a secular listener might ask in approaching contemporary music that fits in the Gospel category. It’s a question two-time Juno winner and multiple nominee Steve Bell answers on his new CD, kindness.

Steve Bell is more a singer-songwriter, than a gospel singer… On kindness, Bell is relaxed and charming and knows whereof he speaks. His metaphors and images aren’t full of clouds and fire and mountains; he writes of roads and fields, of laundry, and  dancing. Read More…


Cross Rhythms Kindness Review

Throughout his 17 album musical career the accomplished Canadian singer/songwriter has proven that he can consistently deliver the goods. His latest offering continues this trend, with a selection of warm songs with a late-summery kind of vibe.
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