WHERE THE GOOD WAY LIES | song notes Music by Steve Bell, Gerry St Cyr Lyrics by Steve Bell With Fresh I.E. and Co-Co Ray Stevenson My new CD, Where The Good Way Lies, is now available, and a description of the overall project with an audio player of the album’s...

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New CD Release From Malcolm Guite

New CD Release From Malcolm Guite

Morning folks, My new CD, Where The Good Way Lies, should be arriving and available any day. I will do my best to make sure you hear about it 🙂 a 1. In the meantime, I wanted to alert you to a wonderful new project by our English poet friend, Malcolm Guite. It’s...

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MARY – Ark of the New Covenant

Even in our troubled humanity—within the drama of brokenness, redemption and salvation—we have been invited to take up our role as maternal-spouse of God: to receive, carry and bear-forth new life for the sake of the world…

Brief Note to the Young…

We are the product of the Divine Delight. That should translate into staggering, compassionate works of great imagination in the arts, in politics, in city planning, in husbandry, in architecture, in conflict, in crisis, in ceremony…

Whatever Happened to Diana Pops?

Over a decade ago a shy, 16 year-old Diana Pops knocked on my manager’s door and handed him a CD with a song she hoped I would listen to…

Morning People

“Noble are you on this day… from the womb of the dawn, the dew of new birth is upon you.”

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