Feast of St. Patrick | March 17

The stories tell of heroic, counter-intuitive deeds and selfless love, and show us how profoundly the way of Christ has penetrated into culture like an invisible, raising yeast…

Remember Me

Certainly one of the most painful experiences of human existence is the shame of social alienation…

MARY – Ark of the New Covenant

Even in our troubled humanity—within the drama of brokenness, redemption and salvation—we have been invited to take up our role as maternal-spouse of God: to receive, carry and bear-forth new life for the sake of the world…

Brief Note to the Young…

We are the product of the Divine Delight. That should translate into staggering, compassionate works of great imagination in the arts, in politics, in city planning, in husbandry, in architecture, in conflict, in crisis, in ceremony…

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