2017 Spring Letter from Steve:

Dear friends and supporters,

Here is your spring update to keep you abreast of this ministry you have already so generously supported.
We usually send out a documentary-style CD for folks to listen to, in advance of concerts in new cities to introduce folks to my music. It’s been updated, and among other things, it includes some of the back-story for several songs on my recent album Where The Good Way Lies. Feel free to share it with others who you think may appreciate the music. IN FACT… we’ll happily send you free physical copies to give away at your spring backyard BBQ… or whatever. The very best and most effective advertising (and the cheapest for us) is when people personally share their enthusiasm for my work with their friends.

If it bothers you as a supporter to get these CDs from us without cost, don’t worry—you can donate to the cause whenever you want.
To access the sampler online to share it with your friends, visit this link… To order physical hardcopies to give to friends, contact Faye or Amy at 1-800-854-3499.

Otherwise all is reasonably well. I continue touring the new album through spring and into the fall, even as I’ve already started writing songs for my next album. I’ve been busy with concerts and conferences, and I recently gave a three-day clergy retreat in Saskatoon.
We haven’t done a lot of advertising of the fact that I do speak, lecture and lead retreats from time to time. If your organization is looking for a guest presenter, give us a call to see if I may have something to offer.

My health hasn’t been all that great as of late. I’ve been fraught relentlessly with colds and flus and injuries. The most recent and dramatic was when, in late January, I dislocated and broke my knee-cap throwing a curling rock. I would hope such an injury would follow a more dramatic activity like skydiving or motorcycling, but apparently I’ve already aged past curling as a safe activity…. gah! I’ll be in rehab and recovery for several months in hopes of avoiding surgery.

I’m looking forward to the fall. Besides a regular round of concerts across the continent, my English poet friend Malcolm Guite will join me for nine concerts in late November and early December. I can’t announce details yet but keep an eye out. I’ve done several concerts with Malcolm in the States, Canada and even England. If I may say so, we’re a bit of a unique pair as we sit on the stage together and riff off of each other all evening. Malcolm is a great and funny storyteller as well, so there are always a lot of laughs. Please don’t miss it if we come to your town.

Finally, I know it’s summer and folks’ extra resources are set aside for vacationing, but we always take a significant financial hit in the summer as opportunity for income generating work gets pretty slim between June and September. We tend to get other things done during this time (songwriting, album production, and various but necessary tasks that fall through the cracks during high touring season), but we continue to need support.

I’d sure appreciate if you would consider a gift to help us through these leaner months. But none of this is to take away from how grateful I am for your support already.
Have a great summer!
Steve Bell


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