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Going Forward…

One of the relentless features of my work is change. It’s about the only thing that never changes. I’m always putting out new songs, new albums, concerts in new areas, responding to requests that require me to recast my material for new scenarios… these keep things interesting and fresh for sure.

Among other things, it has been coming increasingly clear that we have to think differently about how to distribute my music. CD sales are reducing drastically and the ascendency of applications like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play means that music has been profoundly devalued. I would still like to be able to put out my music in ways that give life to the storytelling and meaning-making elements of my catalogue. To that end, we are starting to work with a digital media company to produce an app (or something like one) to house the body of my work in a way for folks to dynamically engage the music in new ways. I don’t want to say much more at this point as ideas are still percolating, but I think there are some very good ideas on the table, and you’ll be hearing about it soon enough.

Another change is that there are increasing requests for me to sing/teach in conferences and colleges across North America. It seems that the next generation truly is interested engaging with “elders” who can offer encouragement, perspective and a bit of spiritual wisdom as they begin to navigate their surroundings as agents of the good. I really do think I have something to offer students and welcome this new interest in my work from institutions who are investing in the next generation of thoughtful citizens.

Lastly, over the years I have been increasingly composing blogs enough to suspect it may be time to write a book. To that end, I’ve already started the process of writing a book which reflects on my life journey with my father. Our story is interesting to reflect upon and creates a framework to consider theologically what it means that we, as humans, are not the self-made folk we romantically imagine ourselves to be. Rather, having been made in the image of the Triune God, perhaps it is truer to say that we are “mutually constituted” rather than self-made. The implications just may be helpful to consider in this time of profound social fracturing. I’m not sure of the title at this point. Perhaps “Fathered Forth” or “Blessed to Be.” But, like the app, I don’t want to commit to the content too soon. If we deem the book worthy to release, it will likely be available by fall 2018.

Please consider financially supporting my work and ministry. I also covet your prayers for this work.  It means a lot to me and my staff that so many of you keep us in your prayers.

Thank you. It’s an honour to do this work. I do it, as best I can, in response to the call of God on my life, and in service of the wider community that God so loves.

Peace, Friends!

Steve Bell



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