Ready Your Heart…Reflections for Advent

Multi-media EBook Series by Steve Bell



Steve BellThree years in the making! I’ve finally completed my online, multi-media series of devotional reflections on the significance of the Christian calendar year.   The online format allowed me to use music and art and video to supplement the text so that the reader’s engagement can be richly varied. Each of the seven collections—Advent, Christmastide, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Eastertide and Ordinarytide—scrolls through the various themes, festivals and saint’s days inherent to each season, hopefully in a manner that invites readers to prayerfully consider and discover the wealth and depth of the tradition.

This collection is equally for those who are new to this spiritual tradition, and for those already familiar. As Advent is the beginning of the Christian year, now would be a good time to begin this unique pilgrimage.

Guest contributors include Malcolm Guite, Alana Levandoski, Bob Bennett and Amy Knight.

These meditations combine a scholar’s learning, a poets precision, a musician’s imagination, and a Christian’s faith — and faithfulness.

John Stackhouse

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One thought on “Ready Your Heart…Reflections for Advent

  1. Love Steve Bell and his ministry. My question is why when purchasing from a Canadian minister is the fee in USD?

    Cathy – I’m thankful you noticed this… I forgot to indicate that fact in the blog. The reason is simply that the company that hosts Pilgrim Year for me on-line is a US company and so there was no way to do this otherwise that wasn’t prohibitively costly. —Steve

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