Awards and Recognition

*Note that years indicated represent award ceremony dates, not the years in which qualifying albums were released.

2019 Catholic Press Association
runner up for Best New Religious Book Series: Pilgrim Year

2018 CMU Pax Award (see: article)
created to acknowledge and honour people who lead exemplary lives of service, leadership, and reconciliation in church and society

2017 Crandall University Leadership Award

2013 Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra Golden Baton Award (see article)
for artistic achievement

2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal  (see article)
commemorative medal serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.

2008 Distinguished Christian Leadership Award
Providence College and Seminary

1999 Cantate Award Citation (St. Benedict’s Monastery)
for contributing “beauty and goodness” to the life of Winnipeg citizens

JUNO Awards
2017 nominee, Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year: Where the Good Way Lies
2015 Recording Package of the Year: Pilgrimage Boxset designed by Roberta Hansen
2010 nominee, Best Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album: Devotion
2002 nominee, Best Gospel Album: Waiting For Aidan
2001 Best Gospel Album: Simple Songs
1998 Best Gospel Album: Romantics & Mystics

Western Canadian Music Awards
2015 Album Design: Pilgrimage
2015 nominee, Roots Album of the Year: Pilgrimage
2013 Spiritual Recording of the Year: Keening for the Dawn
2009 Contemporary Christian/Gospel Recording of the Year: Devotion
2008 Outstanding Contemporary Christian Recording: Symphony Sessions
2004 nominee, Outstanding Christian Recording (with Sarah Bell): Sons & Daughters
2004 nominee, Outstanding Producer (with Dave Zeglinski): Sons & Daughters

Gospel Music Association of Canada Covenant Awards
2018 Album of the Year (Where the Good Way Lies)
2018 Lifetime Achievement Award
2018 Collaboration of the Year (Where The Good Way Lies)
2018 Inspirational Song of the Year (Wait Alone in Stillness)
2015 Album Artwork: Pilgrimage
2015 Folk Album of the Year: Pilgrimage
2015 seven additional nominations (Pilgrimage):
aaa• Album of the Year
aaa• Artist of the Year
aaa• Male Vocalist of the Year
aaa• Producer of the Year (with Murray Pulver & Dave Zeglinski)
aaa• Song of the Year: “Turn It Around”
aaa• Folk Song of the Year: “Big Mistake”
aaa• Seasonal Song of the Year: “Lenten Lands”
2009 Jazz/Blues Song of the Year: “Embrace The Mystery”
2008 Producer of the Year (with Dave Zeglinski)
2007 nominee, Male Vocalist of the Year
2006 four nominations:
aaa• Male Vocalist of the Year
aaa• Album of the Year: My Dinner with Bruce
aaa• Folk/Roots Album of the Year: My Dinner with Bruce
aaa• Recorded Song of the Year: “Lord of the Starfields”
2002 Pop/Contemporary Album of the Year: Waiting for Aidan
2001 two nominations:
aaa• Favourite Male Artist of the Year
aaa• Favourite Song of the Year: “Burning Ember”

Canadian Folk Music Awards
2015 nominee, Producer of the Year (with Murray Pulver & Dave Zeglinski)

Gold Crown Award
2009 Best Music Video: Steve Bell in Concert with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra

Shai/Vibe Awards
2005 nominee, Male Soloist of the Year
2004 Artist of the Year
2004 Male Soloist of the Year
2003 Male Vocalist of the Year

Prairie Music Awards
2002 Outstanding Christian Recording: Waiting For Aidan
2001 Outstanding Christian Recording: Simple Songs
2001 Outstanding Producer (with Dave Zeglinski): Simple Songs

The Word Awards
2018 Word Award for Single Article “Success: The Art of Staying Closely Behind” (Seven Magazine)
2017 Word Award for Poetry – “Freedom Road” (Intotemak Magazine)
2015 Terence L. Bingley Award for Best Song Lyrics – “Long Love” from Pilgrimage
2014 Terence L. Bingley Award for Best Song Lyrics – “Oracles” from Keening for the Dawn

Christian Film Festival Awards (Newport News, Virginia)
2017 Inspire Award: Steve Bell / Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Story (documentary)
2017 Best Song – Fan Favourite: What Can Save Me / Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Story (documentary)

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