Banff or Bust!

Hi Folks! If you’re thinking you’d like to take in a couple’s getaway, you may want to consider this Banff retreat I’m singing at:

You might’ve seen my recent blog post, Romancing the Stone, about my wife Nanci and I…. and no, the blog title is not to suggest my lovely wife is a stone 🙂

Nanci and I - 28 years ago

Just before Valentine’s Day, we set out on a small getaway. We really needed that time to reconnect. Both our lives are so busy and I’m on the road so much. Sometimes, emotional distance builds even though there is no conflict to warrant it. One of my songs says, “Darkness is an unlit wick / a simple spark could vanquish it.” Those few days were golden.

That’s why this event (below) is particularly close to the heart.


Me n' Neal
Me n' Neal

I’ll be playing at a couples retreat in Banff, Alberta, from April 30th through May 2nd. It turns out that a childhood friend of mine, Neal, is part of the team who’s hosting it (FamilyLife Canada). Neal and I were best  boyhood buddies from age 5 – 12 until my folks moved from Alberta to Manitoba.  We lost contact with each other and only reconnected a few years ago when Neal and his wife June showed up to a concert of mine in Nanaimo B.C.  It is so interesting to reconnect after all these years and now, to be part of a joint project.

Neal called me up and told me about this event, called Weekend to Remember and asked if I would be a part of it. It’s for couples looking to strengthen or renew their marriage, and it’s designed to help those with good marriages and those who are struggling.

Initially, I wasn’t too sure.  I’m not normally one for these kinds of events but I’ve heard nothing but good things – and it is organized and led by dear friends I trust.

On a recent trip to Southern California, I met up with friends Greg and Shelley Leith who will be the keynote speakers. I had to admit to them that I was skeptical about  “couples retreats”  but Greg only laughed and promised me it was a great event, and it was not what I thought.   No-one would be forced into public touchy-feely awkwardness. I made him pinky swear – which he did – and everyone knows a pinky swear is binding 🙂

So check it out – It’s also a cool opportunity  to meet some of you in a personal setting.


I’ll be performing a several times throughout the weekend as part of the conference, but I’ll also be giving an exclusive concert on Saturday, May 1. Concert tickets for conference attendees will be 50% off.


FamilyLife Canada has arranged for a bunch of other discounts to make this retreat even easier on the wallet…

…And I just found out that my I can offer anyone on my mailing list  $80 off the couples’ registration rate. Just use Promo Code BELL when you register. (btw – I don’t make more money the more people attend. I’m just happy to pass along the deal that has been made available.)

We’ll be at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, and it’s a spectacular place. The surroundings are breathtaking and the price is exceptional, thanks to Neal and Greg’s team of event organizers.

So if this is of interest to you, check out All the details are there.

Maybe see you there! It’s going to be fun.


P.S. If you would like to pass the discount on to your friends, become a group coordinator at When 4 couples register in your group, they’ll all save $80. Plus, you’ll receive FREE registration for you and your spouse!