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Avatar, Parsnips and Aboriginal Agony ~ Steve Bell

I have to admit that I loved Avatar – the movie. I know the writing is a bit lame and there are all kinds of concerns about the message it sends . But visually, it is wildly entertaining and at times, movingly beautiful. Having said that – this morning I was peeling parsnips for tonight’s stew and it occurred to me that as stunning an achievement Avatar is, it is still no match for the wondrous smell of fresh-cut parsnips. And I’m not kidding.  And that, methinks, is one of the good messages of Avatar. That if one attends patiently and reverently to things, the wonderousness of their nature shows itself; kind-of shyly peeks around the corner and rewards those who have learned to revere and attend. Read more…

Keeping Christ in Halloween~ Steve Bell

Personally, it makes me sad that the Church (in part) seems to have retreated into the very fear-based isolation St. Patrick’s lively faith contradicted. So sadly ironic. And we have done this in so many areas of common life.  It seems to me that we could  be out  participating in the wider culture;  joyfully, cheerfully, confidently handing out  ‘sweets’ in the various cultural arenas: politics, arts, education, science, festivals etc.  We need not do this in the defensive, combative spirit we’ve become famous for, but with a caring neighborliness befitting the character of the Christ whom we worship. And we need not be concerned that we will be tainted in our efforts. For we do not draw from a shallow well,  but the inexhaustible Christ who gave himself entirely so that all would know that the organizing and redeeming principle of the cosmos is not self-securing fear, but  self-donating love. Read more…

Debt, Dictatorship and Disaster – A Brief History of Haiti ~ Steve Bell

I don’t claim the smarts to understand the matrix of causes behind systemic poverty, and I certainly don’t hold to a simplistic idea of the noble poor and the evil rich. But I have lived for a decade in one of Canada’s poorest neighborhoods.  I have traveled to India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Ethiopia, Kenya, West Bank, Thailand and throughout the Caribbean. I have read many books on the dynamics of systemic poverty and sat in on many dialogues among folks who are leading advocates for the poor. Rarely, if ever, have I encountered individuals or societies whose poverty could be said to be deserved. And rarely, if ever, have I met those who are entirely innocent of complicity in the suffering of others. Read more…

Saying Bye to Jess~ Steve Bell

It’s 5:42 am and I’ve already been awake for three hours trying to keep a lid on the welling sadness billowing about my heart and memories. In a couple of days Nance and I are driving our son Jesse to Victoria. Both he and his girlfriend, Lauren, are going to the U of Vic  this fall. Somehow I know these kids won’t be back. Their vocations will likely take them to other places.

Our children are like balloons placed in our souls that over the years get blown up to create sacred space. When they leave, the spaces don’t simply close up again, they remain cavernously open and empty but for the lonely trinkets left behind. Read more…

Below are links to several videos that highlight Steve’s performance, artistry and advocacy. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a

Burning Ember | live performance with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Deep Calls To Deep | live performance with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra at the Winspear Theatre.  Video includes footage from Steve’s trip to India with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Everything We Need | with two-time Grammy nominee, rapper Fresh I.E.

Drumheller Circle | acoustic guitar instrumental

These Are The Ones | song written on return from trip to Ethiopia with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

The Fast I Choose | short documentary of Steve’s trip to the Afar Desert (Ethiopia) with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank

The Story | short reflection on worship