Author/friend Brian McLaren (shameless name-drop) posted the new Steve Bell/ Fresh I.E. video on his  blog under the title Can-fusion.  Clever.  Thanks Brian.

Brian McLaren

Brian McLaren

Besides commending Brian’s admirable  taste in music and videos 🙂 I also recommend his blog for those who would like to follow the thoughtful musings of an American Evangelical who tends to the ‘left’ a bit more than one might expect from that camp.

You won’t likely agree with everything he says – but Brian makes you think.  I’m constantly being challenged by him.  That alone is good. Brian writes passionately about creation care, civility, justice, militarism…

Sadly, many of us have a gospel of evacuation and abandonment, leaving behind creation to be destroyed so our souls can be beamed up to heaven as soon as possible. We need instead a theology of incarnation and engagement … where we join the Creator in loving and caring for creation. Thankfully, this theology that includes rather than evacuates creation is deeply rooted in the Scriptures, and is being rediscovered and freshly articulated by many of us today.

-Brian McLaren | blog post: Your Part in Creation Care…


You can find Brian’s blog HERE


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