Reparations and Love Songs

When Nanci and I first got married I remember getting all doe-eyed and telling her how I couldn’t wait to grow old together. It was a lovely sentiment to be sure, but “old” was still a fairly remote concept…

Keeping Vigil | A Pitiless Universe or a Lover’s World?

My friend Morley is a thoughtful atheist and, I might add, a fine and interesting fellow. He came to a concert of mine a few years ago and that sparked more than one evening of friendly but challenging conversation…

The Water Runs – story

I wrote The Water Runs in 2000 about a year after Nance and I built a home in the country some 10 kms north of Winnipeg in a region of Manitoba known as the Interlake. We had found this wonderfully picturesque 5 acre property that was half wooded and half brush and decided to build […]