Day 4 / Back to Cairo

This will be very brief. We saw another amazing temple this morning before catching a flight back to Cairo where we were immediately taken to the Egyptian Museum for the rest of the afternoon. We saw, among other things, the contents of Tutankhamen’s Tomb. To see this stuff is overwhelming. Of course we weren’t allowed to take pictures (really this time.)

Now Rikk and I are back at the hotel and have both been sideswiped with exhaustion so I’m not going to take any time now to describe the day.

Tomorrow we leave at 4am for the Sinai where we’ll go to St. Catherine’s Monastery – the traditional site where Moses encountered the burning bush. We’ll then continue on to Taba (see map). The Sinai is the part of the trip I’ve been most looking forward to.

I’ll give a more detailed an pictured account tomorrow.