For My Mom…

I’m currently near Vancouver recording an album 2300 kms from home; 2300 kms away from my mom.

Normally this wouldn’t be much of a problem, but we’ve recently moved my mom into a personal care home, and the transition has been disorienting for her, to say the least, and terribly sad as it means no longer living with my dad.

So I wish I could be there on this day to reassure her, to make sure she knows her boy loves her, as do her daughters and the rest of the ever expanding family.

Mom taught my sisters and I to sing when we were little. For many years we travelled around as a family gospel band, even recording a record when I was 12.

I’m still recording 42 years later.

Steve at White WaterRight now I’m near Vancouver, at White Water Studios with Roy Salmond, recording disc 2 of my upcoming Pilgrimage project.  Disc 2 will be called “Unadorned,” and features newly recorded, unplugged versions of songs from my back catalogue: just guitar and vocal…

Because it’s mother’s day, I deliberately chose to record “Marie” today, which is a song I wrote for mom many years ago.  I just finished it a couple minutes ago and wanted to get it up on this day still.

So I post this in honour of the woman whose heart “enabled the best in me.”

Love you mom.




Travelling over time
Keeping the best in mind
There’s a woman I’ve known
And I’ve called her my own for the longest time

The way she would sing a song
And bid me to sing along
With the voice of an angel
And a heart that enabled the best in me

There’s a long road to the place she’s living now
But it still seems as though she’s always been around
Watching me tenderly
How else can a mother be
I will always be her child
’till there’s no longer a breath in me

It seems just like yesterday
While watching her children play
She put down her book
And she gave me a look I remember still

She said with her hand in mine
Will you be always mine
And will you still love me
Even when I am old and grey

There’s a long road…


My wife Nanci, and my mom (Marie). Both great moms.