WSO to Award Steve Bell with Golden Baton Award

Steve Fun kwso-0199webOn April 25th,  the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra will be awarding Steve with the 2013 Golden Baton Award; an honour he will then share with the likes of operatic soprano Tracy Dahl and violinist James Ennes. (See article in the Winnipeg Free Press…)

“I think what I feel the most deeply with this  award is my happy participation in a community of communities that’s made it all happen,” says Steve referring to the support of his musical team, his financial backers and his fans.

“Whatever has been good and noteworthy about my work has the quality of a symphony to it, with a coming together of separate goods that have made for something special. I’m so very pleased just to be part of it.”

Trudy Shroeder, WSO executive director explains,”We recognize him for his skill, his musicality, for his connection with the symphony, and for his openness as well.”

The award will be given on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at the WSO’s anual Spring Gala and Awards Evening at the Winnipeg Convention Centre, which will be honouring the Richardson Foundation  as well.