Hamilton Philharmonic Sponsorship 2018

Letter from Steve:

This year I have the unique opportunity to offer a special event this Christmas, a concert with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra.

This event is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 7th and Saturday, Dec. 8th at the newly expanded and renovated West Highland Church in Hamilton. It will be my second appearance with the HPO. When the first opportunity presented itself, it never occurred to us that there would ever be a second – we simply assumed it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

It seems that the combination of my particular brand of devotional music in a symphonic setting has caught the imagination of both the secular and faith-based cultural supporters in a way that has proved to be nourishing to many communities. These concerts offer a sacred encounter for many who might not otherwise seek out such an experience.

We need the help from the wider community to put on an event of this magnitude. The costs, you can imagine, are exorbitant. Without your help in undergirding the base expenses, a sell-out event would essentially allow us to break even. Sponsorship allows us to produce this significant cultural event with a measure of confidence we could not do otherwise. Whatever profits may come from the concert go towards the brick–and-mortar aspect of my ministry, which allows me to keep offering this kind of music ministry.

Please consider partnering with me to make this year’s concert a success and provide future support for my work and ministry. Additionally, your support will enable us to keep the ticket price down so that all can come and enjoy. As a supporter you will receive tickets to the event, special recognition in the program, a partial tax receipt (deducting ticket value) and will be invited to a private reception with myself and the band after the event. Our Marquee Sponsors will have an opportunity to include their company logo on posters and other advertising.

Thank you. It’s an honour to host this event.

Peace, Friends!   Steve Bell

For Marquee Sponsors (with logos), our deadline is Oct. 26th, so that we can include your logo on our posters.


Marquee Sponsorships

Symphony Sponsor – $25,000 (up to 40 complimentary premium tickets)

Steve Bell Band Sponsor – $12,000 (up to 30 complimentary premium tickets)

Choir Sponsor – $5,000 (up to 20 complimentary premium tickets)

Mike Janzen Arrangements Sponsor – $5,000 (up to 20 complimentary premium tickets)

Rei Hotoda Conductor Podium Sponsor – $5,000 (up to 20 complimentary premium tickets)

Event Presentation Sponsorships

Platinum Lead Sponsor – $4000 (up to 16 complimentary premium tickets)

Gold Partnership Sponsor – $3000 (up to 12 complimentary premium tickets)

Silver Partnership Sponsor – $1500 (up to 6 complimentary premium tickets)

Bronze Partnership Sponsor – $1000 (up to 4 complimentary premium tickets)

Sponsor – $500 (up to 2 complimentary premium tickets)

Two Ways to Sponsor: as a Business Expense or as a Charitable Donation:

•BUSINESS EXPENSE: If you would like to sponsor the event as a business expense, you will receive an invoice for event promotion and advertising expense. Cheques would be made out to Signpost Music.

•TAX RECEIPT: If supporting partners wish to receive a tax receipt, their donations may be made through IncarNATION Ministries (the not-for-profit partner of Signpost Music). IncarNATION Ministries is a registered Canadian charity (No. 88728 3208 RR0001). Tax receipt values are mandated by the CRA to be commensurate with the advantage of the donation received over the ticket package provided. (Example – $5000 donation = ticket package valued at $500 plus a $4,500 tax receipt). Cheques would be made out to Incarnation Ministries.

•Marquee Sponsors confirmed before October 26 2018 may choose to be represented in all Signpost generated advertising materials by having their logo appear on print and web materials promoting this concert event.

Our donors will be gratefully acknowledged in the printed program, unless we are directed otherwise.
For more info, call Faye hall at 204-774-3715 or Toll-Free 1-800-854-3499 or email faye@stevebell.com