Here’s a brief update about the fate of my beloved, broken Ryan guitar. (See While My Guitar Gently Weeps.)  It’s funny how the blog I wrote about my guitar’s ill-fate got around.  I was in Edmonton airport a few weeks ago, and after checking in  the woman behind the counter, who had shown no sign of knowing who I was, leaned over and quietly asked if my guitar was going to be ok.

Sad day in T Bay

We weren’t initially sure if it could be repaired because in the shock of seeing my guitar on the ground with the headstock busted off – I failed to gather up all the smaller pieces of splintered wood. It wasn’t evident there would be enough contact for a glue repair to be strong enough to withhold the 140 lbs (I believe) of pressure six tuned strings put on a headstock. Bruce Jacobs (Jake), who did the repair,  wasn’t overly confident it would hold. But… as it has turned out… the repair has worked, and Jake has set it up to play better than it ever has.

Thank you all for your condolences. It was kinda nice that you all cared :).  But in truth, I wasn’t (for long) concerned the guitar was completely lost as upon hearing about the damage, Kevin Ryan (the guitar’s maker) called to assure me that if the neck wasn’t repairable he would simply replace it.

But all is well. The Ryan has another battle scar that I think is beautiful.  I’m sure that when I finally retire her there will be not much left but that will be because she will have been so well spent – which is how I hope to end my days… utterly and well spent.

Below is a pic of Jake (otherwise know as the guitar whisperer) and I with the wounded healer.  If you want to see the before pictures and listen to a guitar instrumental that was written on and recorded by her click HERE.

Jake (Quest Musique/ Wpg) and I with the repaired Ryan