Itinerary to Include Kenya

We’re leaving for Ethiopia in the morning. I’m not done packing yet. It’s so hard to know how to pack for such a trip. There has been a late addition of a few days in Kenya.

Anyway – here’s the itinerary as far as I know at this point:

Jan. 5-6 Fly to Ethiopia via Toronto and Frankfurt. We arrive in Addis Ababa (capital city) at 10 pm

Jan. 7 Day of orientation and exploration of Addis

Jan. 8 Travel by road to Weldyiya (long travel day)

Jan. 9 Arrive mid-day at SSD (Support for Sustainable Developement) base camp in the lowlands of Afar Region. Orientation to SSD and operations. Afternoon filming.

Jan. 10 Mid-morning depart for rock-hewn churches of Lalibela

Jan. 11 Travel to FHI (Food for the Hungry) Arb Gebyia base camp in South Gondor. Orientation to FHI and operations.

Jan. 12 Full-day of on-site filming

Jan. 13 Morning departure for Bahr Dar

Jan. 14 Long travel day to Addis Ababa

Jan. 15 Early morning debriefing. Mid-morning flight to Nairobi, Kenya. Travel about an hour south to Mitaboni to visit various projects going on there with water, food distribution, micro-credit etc.We will travel back to Machakos late in the day to visit a girl’s school and possibly perform a song or two.

Jan. 16 Take part (sing) in a gathering/media event to launch their new micro-credit program. Visit several other projects in the Machakos area.

Jan. 17 Morning departure for Nairobi for a lunch with the field staff before boarding a plane for home.

Jan. 18 Arrive home (after 32 hours in transit).

This is about all I can tell you. I will post as often as I get access to the web- the next one will likely be from Addis on Sunday.

It’s betime for bonzo.