keening-coverI was pleased to learn that my  most recent CD, Keening for the Dawn, has been awarded a 2013 Western Canadian Music Award for Spiritual Recording of the Year.

Heartfelt thanks to my co-producers Dave Zeglinski and Murray Pulver, and the line-up of musicians who so lavishly invested their gifts on this project: Gilles Fournier, Daniel Roy, Joey Landreth, Mike Janzen, Brent Barkman, Roy Salmond, Sarah Giardino, Rick Lazar, Gwen Hoebig, Carl Stobbe, Dan Scholz, Yuri Hooker, Carlin Lemon, Jim Hoke.

Additional Engineers: Russ MacKay, Howard Rissen

Special thanks to Malcolm Guite whose poetry inspired the project at the onset and whose collaboration elevated the material well beyond what I would have produced on my own.

I’m grateful for Jeremie Begbie whose editorial input (lyric and music) gave a lovely polish and sheen to the project.

up-western_awardsFinally, thanks FACTOR, Radio Starmaker and the many friends and fans who contribute financially so I can do this work.

Congratulations as well to my fellow Manitoban friends who were also awarded for their work: Don Amero (Aboriginal), Del Barber (Roots), and Larry Roy (Jazz).  See: CBC article

 Listen to title track below:

music Steve Bell   lyric Steve Bell, Malcolm Guite

On and on the night goes on
Brooding dark before the dawn
We are waiting
Worried lips rehearse our creeds
Bellies swollen with your seed
We are waiting
Hardened shards of broken bread
Small consolations in your stead
Soured wine a tonic for the pain
Dutifully we take our fill
Still we long to see your face again
Keening for the dawn as such
Stirs the memory of your touch
We are waiting
We are waiting

Hungry work, these endless feasts
Shriveling as we all increase
We are waiting
Weary eyes take in the sights
Smarting under tinseled lights
We are waiting
Break the too-familiar word
Hearing strains we’ve never heard
A double-edge that pierces through the pain
All that we shall see fulfilled
The dawning day we see your face again
Keening for the dawn as such
Stirs the memory of your touch
We are waiting
We are waiting


9 thoughts on “‘KEENING’ WINS WCMA AWARD

  1. Congratulations Steve…

    I am still often clicking on Keening for some soaking in the Spirit.

    Keening for the time when our paths will cross again,

  2. congratulations Steve
    Well deserved
    I listen to it several times a week to the
    nourishment of my soul

  3. Congratulations Steve> You are a special musician and I always appreciate your music and the heart of it. Our best wishes to you and your parents – Clarence and Wilda
    Drumheller is a long time ago now but we still remember!!

  4. Way to go Steve! Congratulations on being recognized for your gift of music that you share world wide. Your ability to bring peace to those who listen to your music is amazing.
    Your music buddies bring their expertise to your vision and the outcome is an award!
    We love your music and always will.
    So…when are you coming to Thunder Bay? 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the award Steve!! Having been to a concert of yours in Brantford recently I was reminded what a unique talent you are. Your playing, singing and audience interplay stack up with any singer-songwriter in the whole of the music business.

    Christendom is starved for the thoughtful and articulate sensibilities you bring to your craft.

    Now, if only your symphony tour would come to Kitchener…what is with our concert promoters in Ontario??? 🙂

    Wishing you every success for years to come.

  6. Way to go! I am not surprised but I am delighted…
    we just had our annual pastor’s retreat and were reminded
    of your visit and generous early Christmas gift of “Keening for the Dawn” last October. Also, thank you for introducing us all to the concept of “keening” and to the poetry/music of Malcolm Gite!

  7. Congratulations Steve! Your music inspires, heals and brings much joy to our world. Thanks again for coming to Altadore Baptist Church last June. A very special time for us.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  8. Steve, your music has always been inspirational to me. After your recent concert at the Westend Cultural Centre in Winnipeg, I put Keening for the Dawn into my car player and have been re-listening to your daily gift of song and spiritual food. Congtaulations on your WCMA- you deserve it and a world of peace.

  9. Congratulations, truly enjoy your music, as it blesses, encourages, and brings joy to my soul as I play through them almost everyday. I thank God for the blessing of being introduced to your music, with which He has gifted you. I bought this album, and about seven others, shared them with my daughter and she particularly liked Keening for the Dawn and Devotion and the Symphony one. So they belong to her now, and I will happily replace them. Looking forward to your concerts in Regina and Saskatoon, maybe I’ll even trek to Winnipeg on Dec. 1, thank-you and congratulations again. God bless.

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