Marriage: Renew and Strengthen

A Weekend to Remember | Banff – April 30 to May 2

A couples retreat with the sole purpose of focusing on each other…leaving the everyday distractions behind…to laugh together…work through your differences…rekindle your romance…and have a blast?

Greg and I after recent house concert at his place in southern CA
Greg and I after recent house concert at their place in southern CA

This is a first for me – singing at (or attending for that matter) a marriage conference. I must say I have tended to avoid these things like the plague. The idea of being forced into some public vulnerability that is someone else’s bad idea of a good idea is not a position I like to find myself in. But when I objected to my friend Greg Leith, (keynote speaker at the conference) Greg just laughed and assured me that everything I was afraid this would be,  it wouldn’t be.  Before I accepted the invitation I made him pinky-swear!!

Shelley Leith
Shelley Leith

Greg Leith and his wife Shelley are friends of mine from Southern California.  They speak at these conferences all the time and if the conferences are anything like they are, it’ll be great. In fact, I just heard Shelly give an address last week (in a totally different scenario) in Huntington Beach, CA. She was excellent! Great teacher, great content; she is a remarkably honest and believable presenter.

So, I’m looking forward to this weekend in Banff that promises us a fun, relaxed and meaningful weekend away to strengthen and renew our marriages (aside: ironically,  it doesn’t appear as my own wife will be able to make it – so I’ll be there as a lonely presenter.)  I’ll be singing regularly throughout the weekend, sharing stories from my own experience and giving a full concert on the Saturday night. That ought to be worth at least 15 bucks right there!

fairmont-in-banff-springs-smallThe Banff Springs Hotel is a spectacular place, the surroundings are breathtaking and the price is  exceptional.  If this is something that intrigues you – checkout the website. The organizers  (Family Life) have made it advantageous for those who can organize several couples to come – but even if you can’t take advantage of the group offer – the price for single couples is more than reasonable. (see

steve-hires-1So if this is something you can take advantage of, I look forward to hanging out with you for a weekend.

To check out the details, and to register  for A Weekend to Remember click HERE

– Steve