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David Jennings | Executive Director | IncarNATION Ministries

IncarNATION ministries is a Canadian Christian charity recently created to assist and promote God’s revelation to all people through the creative arts and culture. The charity was created in response to the eternal question, so beautifully asked on Steve Bell’s “Deep Calls to Deep” recording: Why do we hunger for Beauty? As Christians, we know that our God has given us all a thirst for the Beauty that indwells the Holy Trinity. The entire created order is drawn towards the Father, Son and Spirit as it searches for that true Beauty.

We are pleased that one of our first projects has been to support the development and distribution of Steve Bell’s music ministry throughout Canada and beyond. We know the Beauty revealed in Steve’s music draws people to God: we have experienced it directly ourselves. If you have also experienced the Beauty of Steve’s music and want it shared with others who might not otherwise hear it, then we ask you to join Steve in his vocation.

To create and provide such beautiful music and messages requires a lot of money- more than Steve can generate from concert and CD sales. That is why incarNATION ministries is financially supporting the vital ministry Steve Bell is achieving – reflecting and spreading the Word in song and speech.

Steve on the WSO Holiday Express TourWe also want to ask you to consider joining us in our financial support of Steve Bell. Any contribution would be welcomed and is fully tax deductible. One hundred percent of your donation will go directly to Steve’s ministry because administrative costs are kept very low and have been already paid by a donor.

Please consider joining incarNATION ministries in sharing this Beauty with others, and helping them to enter a deeper relationship with our Great Artist.

To donate, please go to the Support page HERE.

David Jennings
incarNATION ministries

David Jennings is a lawyer in Vancouver, Canada and has served as Convenor of the Assembly Council of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, a director of the Centre for Cultural renewal, and in various other capacities with Christian charities. He is also a huge Steve Bell fan!

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  1. My church is starting an Incarnation Ministry team and are interest in showing a DVD of this ministry at work. Do you know where I can find such thng?

    Thank you for your help.

    Kelly Teuscher

    Hi Kelly – I’m pretty sure this is a different organization. The Incarnation that I’m associated with is an Christian arts support organization and doesn’t have independent teams out there. Yours must be another ministry under the same name.


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