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I’m off for the next couple of days with manager Dave Z to meet with a couple of thoughtful gents to try and discern what the next year or two could/should look like for us.  The weather has changed drastically (economically),  perhaps permanently, and so there needs to be some tough decisions made about how to continue to make music and stay fiscally responsible.steve_2

It’s been a very strange year from a business perspective. Concert attendance continues to be good and folks seem to still find my work meaningful.  I’m one of the blessed few who gets to make music for a living.  It is extremely rewarding work and I haven’t wished for a second that I was called to something else.  But many aspects of the economics of what I do have changed suddenly.  Retail and internet sales have plummeted, donations are down (understandably) and grant monies we’ve relied on for over a decade have suddenly dried up.  What this means is that we have to think very carefully about what opportunities are responsible to take risks on.

So… do we continue to pursue opportunities for Symphony concerts? These are magnificent events but risky adventures for sure. I’ve been asked to write a book – given the time it would take, is this doable?  Is it a distraction or a reasonable next-step of my work?  Is Signpost Music, as a distributor of other artist’s music, no longer viable?  Given that business as usual seems to be unsustainable, what aspects of my work are really core and what needs to be shed or re-imagined?

So this is what my next few days are about. I’m dragging my son Micah along.  He wants to get into music so he might as well learn something of the struggle 🙂  It’ll be fun to hang with him for a couple of days.

I sure would appreciate prayers for wisdom and courage to imagine the new, let go of the old, and move forward in a way that honours the gifts we’ve been given.


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  1. Hey Steve – just a quick thought. I LOVE the book idea. I’ve realized that you have an extremely unique voice in the Christian community when it comes to the arts and faith. I know there are many great thinkers in this realm, but you’ve got a great platform and have earned credibility (I think) from all sides. It’s a great opportunity (in my mind) for you to put some of the stuff that you’ve learned about the importance of art in faith, onto the page.
    Just my 2 cents!

    Cory Alstad

  2. Dear Steve,
    First off, happy birthday…I think this finds you wiser at 35 ( 🙂 !
    Tried calling today to send those wishes personally, but you were away from all phones. Faye forwarded this e-letter about the future. Fran and I will certainly keep you in our prayers for the next few days regarding business.
    Love to you and family. Luigi, Santa Fe

  3. Blessings, Steve! You certainly have nailed what has been going on for us in our corner of music ministry. For awhile last year, I thought it was all about me..! It gives me comfort to think of you discerning what comes next. Prayers for a clear sense of God’s call for you in 2010 and beyond. We are deeply grateful for your voice in these times. Hope you get back out to the Okanagan soon.

  4. P.S. The ArtistShare concept has worked best – very well actually – with established artists like yourself. It seems to have had mixed results for others.

  5. Hi
    guys, you’re on the prayer list. The book idea sounds great but we would enjoy to hear more music put to scripture. We’ve always enjoyed your music put to the psalms . The living word is what keeps us going and brings us to a better relationship with the Almighty God and speaks to every living soul. We will pray that you have discerment during these anxious times.
    Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:103-105
    God bless you and your families
    Marie Schneider

  6. Steve,

    Our thoughts and prayers go with you. We are trusting that these next few days will be exciting and profitable, and that God will lead you into the right avenues.

  7. We will certainly be in prayer for you Steve as you seek God’s will in these times. My wife and I have attended a number of your concerts and you are truly a blessing to us. May Jesus continue to bless and guide you as you do His work.

  8. We’ll continue to pray for you, buy tickets, purchase cd’s, attend your concerts, give to your work through Incarnation and promote your music to others using facebook, emails and websites. And we’ll try to help where in other ways as your new ventures transpire. We’d even buy your book, but please continue to make music. 🙂

  9. Steve, My prayers are with you as you aim to discover what God’s path looks like from here on. I find myself on the same journey and when I ask Him what’s next, I hear Him loud and clear: “Be still and know that I am God and I know the plans I have for you”. I don’t always know exactly what that means, but what I do know that I’ll find out, on my knees.

  10. “I can feel there’s something coming
    It’s down the road a little way
    I hear Him in tomorrow humming
    a song He says I’ll sing some day

    May I let go of what I’m to let go of
    and grab hold of what I’m to grab hold of
    May I leave behind what’s no longer mine
    and go towards your will, my Lord

    Soon I’ll be singing a different tune
    Just what it is I’ve yet to know
    But like a Bride led to her Groom
    He’ll walk me where I am to go”

    If God created and designed a specific path for each of us to walk down, He’ll certainly be there beside us guiding & directing our way! Will be praying for you and those involved in your ministry to, Steve!!! (Matt. 6:25-34

  11. I admire what you have done and lately you have been on my heart a lot, Even though we don’t see each other often I feel a connection. You are in my prayers. If new direction is necessary, be sure that it is full of blessing for you.

  12. I would like to pledge my support for your ministry. I haven’t been keeping up my support payments and so starting asap you can count on me to send support.
    God bless you and Signpost music.
    I hope it can continue to support and sustain new musicians in Canada.
    Susan in Korea

  13. Steve,

    Yes, this is an extraordinarily tough time for almost everybody. But your work is SO much better than so much that is out there nowadays, especially what passes for “praise’n’worship music” as well as performance music, that I continue to pray that God will support it fully.

    And I dare to pray and hope that we human beings will have the wisdom to discern where best to put our dollars–including into your work and into Signpost Music in general.

    Be strong and of good courage–and the rest of us need to step up!

  14. Steve, Dave, others…

    Thoughts,prayers,gratitude and love to you all. We’ll continue to give as the Lord provides – and He will I’m sure. God’s blessings,wisdom, courage and peace to you .

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