Moving Forward

I’m off for the next couple of days with manager Dave Z to meet with a couple of thoughtful gents to try and discern what the next year or two could/should look like for us.  The weather has changed drastically (economically),  perhaps permanently, and so there needs to be some tough decisions made about how to continue to make music and stay fiscally responsible.steve_2

It’s been a very strange year from a business perspective. Concert attendance continues to be good and folks seem to still find my work meaningful.  I’m one of the blessed few who gets to make music for a living.  It is extremely rewarding work and I haven’t wished for a second that I was called to something else.  But many aspects of the economics of what I do have changed suddenly.  Retail and internet sales have plummeted, donations are down (understandably) and grant monies we’ve relied on for over a decade have suddenly dried up.  What this means is that we have to think very carefully about what opportunities are responsible to take risks on.

So… do we continue to pursue opportunities for Symphony concerts? These are magnificent events but risky adventures for sure. I’ve been asked to write a book – given the time it would take, is this doable?  Is it a distraction or a reasonable next-step of my work?  Is Signpost Music, as a distributor of other artist’s music, no longer viable?  Given that business as usual seems to be unsustainable, what aspects of my work are really core and what needs to be shed or re-imagined?

So this is what my next few days are about. I’m dragging my son Micah along.  He wants to get into music so he might as well learn something of the struggle 🙂  It’ll be fun to hang with him for a couple of days.

I sure would appreciate prayers for wisdom and courage to imagine the new, let go of the old, and move forward in a way that honours the gifts we’ve been given.