New Book and CD from Steve Bell and Jamie Howison

New Book and Companion CD:

I WILL NOT BE SHAKEN: A Songwriter’s Journey Through the Psalms

—by Jamie Howison and Steve Bell



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This new CD / Book combo is years in the making. The songs themselves—17 on the CD, corresponding to 17 chapters in the book—I’ve written and recorded over the span of 25 years and borrow from the Hebrew Psalms to chronicle my own spiritual awakenings and growth, all of which happened in dialogue with my writing partner, dear friend, and pastor: Jamie Howison.

jamie and steveWe’ve grown up together Jamie and I; Jamie in his vocation as an priest in the Anglican church of Canada, and I as faith-based songwriter/performer struggling to find my voice as a troubadour for Christ in service of the church and the world.

Many years ago, I suggested to Jamie that we should write a book together reflecting on these songs, and the ancient poem-prayers that inspired them. Jamie would do the heavy lifting, writing more scholarly informed pastoral reflections and I would write more narrative pieces about specific situations that accompanied their birth. As it turned out, Jamie delivered his text in short order… and I did nothing for almost a decade. I don’t know why, except to say that the multitude of reasons for delay seems reasonable enough in retrospect.

Earlier this year, I suddenly remembered that Jamie’s rough drafts were gathering dust on a shelf next to my desk. I took them out to read and was somewhat staggered at the wisdom, and the ardour his words inspired. I’m not sure Jamie believed me when I called to reactivate the project. But this time I got the job done, adding a new, previously unrecorded song. I’m very pleased to announce that I WILL NOT BE SHAKEN: A Songwriter’s Journey Through the Psalms has come out at last.

About the project, theologian Marva Dawn wrote: “This is the perfect way truly to HEAR the Psalms — with scholarship and music, with mind and heart, with intelligence and emotion, with our whole unified soul!”

Worship singer/songwriter Brian Doerksen wrote: “To hold in my hands such mature and ripened fruit from this creative and pastoral partnership is a great gift indeed. In this timely and deeply needed project Jamie and Steve open our hearts to face what it means to be complex emotional humans on a spiritual journey.”

I trust this is worth the wait. It does feel timely to release this project now. We are neither young men anymore, nor old men yet. However, we both are keen to share the fruit of a decades long, spiritual friendship lived out under the carapace of these evergreen poem-prayers that have nourished the faithful for ages upon ages.

Steve Bell


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I WILL NOT BE SHAKEN: A Songwriter’s Journey Through the Psalms


The book and CD can be purchased together as a bundle or as separate items.

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(The Book is also available on Kindle, and the CD on iTunes)


Songs on the CD and their corresponding chapters in the book are:

  1. Psalm 90
  2. Psalm 23 (Shepherd of Life)
  3. Psalm 126 (The Lord Has Done Great Things)
  4. Psalm 72 & 131 (As Long as the Sun)
  5. Psalm 13 (How Long)
  6. Psalm 40
  7. Psalm 16 (I Will Not Be Shaken)
  8. Psalm 32
  9. Psalm 25 (Remember Me)
  10. Psalm 84 (God Our Protector)
  11. Psalm 113 (High Above the Fray)
  12. Psalm 92 (Fresh and Green)
  13. Psalm 3 (Jesus My Glory)
  14. Psalm 19 (Pleasing to You)
  15. Psalm 8 & Hebrews 1 (Oh Love)
  16. Psalm 116
  17. Psalm 70:1 (Come to My Help O God – new for this project)

Forward by Gordon Matties


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  1. me gusta muchisimo la musica y me alegro saber que tambien a usd le gusta y que por demas la cultiva, desde nino me incline por laguitarra,luego ya en el ministerio pastoral continue con el piano,bajo ensi todo lo que es musica es de mi preferencia,nota en este momento no tengo mas que una guitarra en la iglesia y con ella edoramos a Dios.

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