Now Available on DVD! BURNING EMBER: The Steve Bell Journey

Cover JPGI’m writing to let you know that the new feature-length documentary, Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Journey, is now available for purchase on DVD.

It will soon be available on Blue-Ray as well, and pay-for-view online.

It seems a little contrary to good Christian humility to encourage you to buy a film about me… but film director Andrew Wall of Refuge 31 Films has done an amazing job, and has told a good story that I think many will find intriguing and inspiring.

Tom Jackson“Burning Ember leaves an indelible impression of the passion that burns within the heart of a great artist. I feel blessed to have seen it.”

—Tom Jackson | Actor

Over the last year, a film crew followed me around the continent— from a concert at CBS Studios in Los Angeles to Texas; from Prince Edward Island to British Columbia; from concert halls with symphonies to small town churches in the rural prairies. In other words, from palm trees to snow squalls.

If you’ve ever wanted an inside look on what life is like on the road for a mid-level artist, you’ll find this quite interesting. There is lots of concert footage, interviews, storied history, and behind-the-scenes footage. You’ll meet some great characters: UK poet Malcolm Guite, legendary Manitoba singer/songwriter Heather Bishop, and Texas radio host Baron Wiley stand out. Throughout, the documentary asks the question, What is success?

The package sells for $23.99 and includes a bonus disc of the music used in the documentary. The DVD also includes bonus features such as a director’s commentary (with guest Kyle Rudge from CHVN) and my new music video, Turn It Around, from the Pilgrimage CD.

Early responses to the film have been very enthusiastic, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

Michael Klausman“This is one of the better produced documentaries I have seen, and not just for it production values.  It clearly illustrates that there are far more important goals out there in the real world other than fame and fortune.”

—Michael Klausman | President, CBS Studios

To purchase the DVD, or to watch the movie trailer, click HERE…

For information about public and private screenings, click HERE…

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  1. This is such a delightful, inspirational journey…. Apart from this film it is hard to appreciate what an unsung hero that Steve Bell is– immensely talent and yet commited and called to music for God’s glory. Hard to believe that he remins commercially obscure but that doesn’t seem to matter to Steve. His faithfulness is impressive……

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