Nuf foolin’ around!! Back to work!!

Hi, everyone!  I suppose, if you’re like me, you’ve already made the mental switch and are starting to gear up for the fall.  It’s sad to think summer is almost done, but it’s energizing at the same time to begin to anticipate the fall’s opportunities.

My official rest/rehabilitation time is over and my arm is feeling much better than it was  – but there is still a ways to go before it has healed. This morning I went in for my first session of “dry needling”, which is a fairly aggressive (and painful) procedure to get angry muscles to let go of old “wounds.”  I don’t really understand the procedure, but basically it is sticking a needle into the most painful part of a muscle knot and then wiggling the needle around till the muscle begs “a-mercy” and releases the knot.  Apparently there’s a fair bit of this  in my near future (the Doc figures I’ll need to go back a dozen times or so.) Egad!

Other fronts are moving along as well. I’ve been back in the studio for the last couple of weeks, recording my new CD.  We’ve got drums, bass and some guitars done on every song and I’m (at this point) quite enthused about how things are sounding. Recording is a bizarre swing of elation and despair. One day you’re sure it’s the best thing you’ve ever done, and the next day you’re convinced you should be drawn and quartered for ever pretending to be a musician.  It’s always like this.  But today I’m feeling fairly confident, so it’s a good day.

I’ve written, or co-written about half of the songs. The other half (as usual) are songs I’ve stumbled on, or songs buddies have written that have enchanted me for one reason or another.  I’ll be including Pierce Pettis’ brilliant song Absalom, Brian McLaren’s gentle Kindness, Jim Croegaert’s anthematic Changes, along with the half dozen or so songs I’ve written in the last year. I haven’t written a lot in the last few years so it feels good to have some new original songs to sing.

Bobble-head Steve

In a couple of days, I have a photo shoot for the CD which will proudly display my new “progressive” glasses – a sure testament to the passing of time.

This weekend begins the new season of touring as well. I’m off to California for five concerts (see schedule). It feels  a little weird and more than a little daunting to think of doing concerts again – I’ve not performed since early June which is the longest break from performing I’ve had in over twenty years. But it was good to rest.   I have to start taking seriously that I’m not as young as I once was. Part of the problem with my arm has been not respecting the limitations of my own body  –  the result of which is that now I must endure being mercilessly poked with sharp sticks 🙁

Me and the lads.
PopPop and the Lads

Otherwise, all has been swell.  Earlier in the summer I spent a glorious week with my grandsons, I took a five day silent retreat, I’ve read several great books and taken in some great live music.   Nance and I just celebrated our 28th anniversary in the same year we will both turn 50. I feel physically much better than I did, and emotionally/spiritually feel somewhat rested and renewed – ready for the new season.

Thank you to so many who were able to make donations to fund this time. Being injured is terribly costly when your income depends on your ability to perform. I’m so very grateful you have helped bear the  weight of this. We still need some funds to complete the new CD, so if you are willing and able to parnter in this project, donations can be made on-line HERE.

Soon I’ll start posting bits of the production so you can hear how it’s going. We’re anticipating a January release of the new CD.



6 thoughts on “Nuf foolin’ around!! Back to work!!

  1. Brady Quinn Jersey!!!! Who knew that you would be surrounded by so many Cleveland Browns fans. Maybe it’s a sign?

  2. I’m grateful to read that you are feeling better AND that you’ve had some quality time with your grandchildren. Thanks for including the picture.
    St. Stephen’s is looking forward to having you share your gift of music and words with us.
    God bless you as you share these gifts in California!

    diane guilford

  3. Encouraged by the progress on your arm and the CD. Looking forward to hearing the new songs!

  4. Nothing scheduled in Seattle? What’s up with that? I guess we have to cross the boarder to BC to get to a concert!

  5. Hi Steve,glad to hear you are recovering, a bunch of us are coming to hear you at St. Stephens,we come from the boondocks, Ear Falls,Ontario. Can’t wait!!! If you do requests the frog song sounds good (The one about inviting a friend to lunch)
    God Bless

  6. Hi Steve,
    You mentioned the needle therapy. OUCH!!
    I sent some info about Trigger Point therapy.
    Way less painful, and awesome to get rid of
    the painful knots.
    Agood site to check out is to learn about it.
    He teaches it all over the world. It’s amazing!
    I saw you at the Port in Nanaimo, and noticed the contractions of your fingers. It is so fixable. There is a layman’s book called The Trigger Pont Therapy Book by Clair Davies.
    You can help yourself.
    God bless you.

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