On The Back Stretch!


Yay!  Yesterday I signed off on the artwork for my new CD KINDNESS.  It feels great to finally strike something off the list. There’s always such stress at the end of a project when one has to finally commit and let go.  But it’s a huge relief once done.

Album design by Jeff Lukin: jefflukindesign.com

The album is going well (I think.) By the end of a project, I’m typically sick of it and it’s hard to get jazzed about the work done so I just have to trust that our instincts haven’t suddenly failed. But of course, there is always the chance that they have :).  Recording is such an intense process. I can’t say I love it… it’s meticulous and often tedious work, not at all like live performance were the dynamic between the stage and audience is so much a part of the pleasure.

Graham Shaw

Today Graham Shaw is in the studio to lay down a harmonica part on a song and that will likely be the last new addition. That’ll be fun. Graham is hilarious. Tonight, Murray Pulver (co-producer) and I will spend a couple of hours just listening to the tracks to identify the last remaining fixes that need doing and then we have a couple of days to get them done as Dave Zeglinski is already mixing the tracks so we can send off to manufacturing next week.  I do still have to sing one vocal which I’ve been avoiding because it’s a bear to sing.  Over Christmas I caught this flu that’s been going around and my voice is still a bit raw – I have till the end of this week to get it together… egad!!

Anyway – in case you’re interested –  for promotional purposes I’ve had to write a brief story about the project itself. If you would like to read about it, you can do so HERE .

The CD itself will be released on February 10.


~ Steve

Jeff LukinBTW- to view the design work of Jeff Lukin, visit  www. jefflukindesign.com

5 thoughts on “On The Back Stretch!

  1. Re: my voice is still a bit raw…

    Maybe we’ll discover a new, growlier “Tom Waits” version of Steve Bell? Ha! All the best with that – looking forward to the album. Fwiw, Absalom is a hauntingly beautiful piece of work.

  2. We are all so excited for it to come out. We have tremendous trust in you–based on the history of every single album you’ve produced so far and the excellence of every single concert you do and the interpersonal communication we’ve had with you–that this album will be wonderful, inspired, and draw us all closer to God’s heart. We are VERY EXCITED STEVE!

  3. Each of your albums have been food for my musical/spiritual soul, in so many different ways. I get excited about new material from this new album because of the people you work with as well – thank you all for doing what you do!! Looking forward to seein you live this year, Steve!!!

  4. I can relate to the stress of the final stages of recording. I just released my sixth project and I’m still recovering. Press on, Steve. We are all anxious to hear the fruits of your labour!

  5. Can’t wait to hear “Kindness”, Steve! I like the album design. Not sure if I have a limited print, but that painting figures prominantly in my living room down here in South Carolina!

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