On The Road Again – with Don Amero

Tomorrow I’m back on the road after several months away from regular concerting.  Concerts this week are on the east coast: Summerside and Cornwall (Prince Edward Island) and then over to the mainland for concerts in Truro (Nova Scotia) and then  St. John and Fredericton, New Brunswick. (see: schedule)


It was a full summer:  In July I co-taught a course with Bruce Hindmarsh on five traditions of contemplative prayer (Regent College – Vancouver).

lovely laurenThe rest of the summer was spent getting the new CD project (Pilgrimage) ready as well as celebrating the wedding of my son Jesse to the lovely Lauren.  We had the best of days as our kids and grandkids all returned to Winnipeg for three weeks. And although we were crammed into our little home… it was so great to be together. The most fun was listening to our kids’ uproarious laughter from the basement—well into the wee morning hours—long after Nance and I could keep our eyes open.  I’m not sure there’s a better sound than the sound of your kids enjoying each other’s company.


And of course, having the grand-lads around was an indescribable joy.

the lads

Last week saw the release of my new multi-disc project, Pilgrimage, and two screenings of the new documentary, Burning Ember – The Steve Bell Journey, which was produced and released by Refuge 31 Films.   The documentary will soon be available on DVD and Blu-ray, but it was fun to watch it on the big screen.  It is a curious thing to see one’s life work crammed into an hour and a half… but director Andrew Wall did a masterful job of putting together a doc that gives a boots-on-the-ground story of a year on the road, while weaving back into the last 25 plus years.

But now it’s time to get back on the road, with 32 concerts across Canada before Christmas in addition to several private events and Sunday morning services.

Don AmeroDon Amero will be joining me for a guest appearance most dates through September and October.  Don is a rising singer/songwriter with a bunch of awards and nominations spanning the JUNOs, Prairie Music Awards, Canadian Aboriginal Awards, and the Canadian Folk Awards. Don recently shared, with my bro-in-law, Vince Fontaine, in the Aboriginal People’s Choice Award for songwriter of the year. The award was given to the band Indian City, which Vince leads.

So, Don is almost family.   You’ll love his voice and his spirit. In concert, he reminds me a little of Jon Buller… not so much in style, but in countenance.  He, like Jon, radiates when he performs.

My recent CD project is a four disc set. The first disc (Pilgrimage) is a recording of all new material. The third disc (Good Company) was a surprise gift to me by producer Roy Salmond and friends, who each recorded their own versions of one of my songs. I didn’t know about this till the Pilgrimage project was well up and running, but when I learned of it, I couldn’t resist including it in the collection. I’ll soon blog about how much this meant to me, and I will, over the next months, write about each artist and highlight their contribution. But to start—since he is heading out on the road with me tomorrow—here’s Don Amero’s beautiful and plaintive version of “Burning Ember” (produced by Roy Salmond.)

(Please refer to SCHEDULE  to see if we are performing in a city near you this fall.)

Don’s recording of Burning Ember is found on Good Company: Disc 3 of Steve Bell’s Pilgrimage project.

To learn about, watch the video single, or purchase, see: pilgrimage.stevebell.ca

Pilgrimage view