Songs & Sonnets – Malcolm Guite CD

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A new album of songs & sonnets by Malcolm Guite. Produced by Roy Salmond of Whitewater Productions.

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  1. Singing Bowl 
  2. Saying The Names 
  3. Angels Unawares 
  4. Hospitality 
  5. My Poetry Is Jamming Your Machine 
  6. Cloud Hidden 
  7. The Seven I AM Sayings 
  8. Eyrie 
  9. Annunciation 
  10. The Sun Beat Me To The Day 
  11. What If 
  12. Five Dialogues On The Two Great Commandments 
  13. The Green Man 
  14. The Naming of Jesus 
  15. Descent 
  16. Smoke Rings From My Pipe 
  17. Pour Out The Wine 

One thought on “Songs & Sonnets – Malcolm Guite CD

  1. Anyone who knows me knows of my enthusiasm for the work of English poet Malcolm Guite. Honestly, if anyone writes about me after I’m gone, they will write that the first half of my career was most profoundly influenced by the work of Bruce Cockburn, and the second half by Malcolm Guite.

    For several years now, producer Roy Salmond and I, in co-operation with Incarnation Ministries, have been colluding to produce an album of songs and poetry readings by the lively bard, specifically created for a North American audience. And we’re very pleased to announce that the project is now available.

    The 17 track disc is a unique blend of spoken-word poetry underscored beautifully by musical soundscapes created by Roy Salmond, and several of Malcolm’s Dylan-esque songs, some which are reworkings of previous MG albums, and some new, including the gorgeously written and preformed Eyrie:

    “High in my eyrie in North Carolina
    I take up your tender guitar
    I’m thinking of home and all that I’ve left there
    And maybe I’ve travelled too far
    The skylight is open, the moonlight is brimming
    And waltzing its way cross the floor
    My body is aching and wants to be sleeping
    but my spirit is asking for more…”

    Those unfamiliar with poetry will discover a kindly friend and guide in Malcolm Guite. Those better acquainted will discover a poet’s poet whose deceptive accessibility and english charm woos the reader into depths unexpected. Consider Annunciation:

    “We see so little, stayed on surfaces,
    We calculate the outside of all things,
    Preoccupied with our own purposes
    We miss the shimmer of the angel’s wings.
    They coruscate around us in their joy
    A swirl of wheels and eyes and wings unfurled,
    They guard the good we purpose to destroy,
    A hidden blaze of Glory in God’s world.
    But on this day a young girl stopped to see
    With open eyes and heart. She heard a voice;
    The promise of His glory yet to be,
    As time stood still for her to make a choice;
    Gabriel knelt and not a feather stirred,
    The Word himself was waiting on her word.”

    The tracks on this collection are sometime lighthearted and hilarious, sometimes deeply devotional, sometimes prophetically warning of the dangers of clamant words…always hospitable, always beautifully crafted, always invitational, always invoking the good:

    “Begin the song exactly where you are,
    Remain within the world of which you’re made.
    Call nothing common in the earth or air,
    Accept it all and let it be for good.” (excerpt from The Singing Bowl)

    But there’s nothing quite like hearing poetry in the poets own voice, and happily, Malcolm Guite’s Songs and Sonnets give us greater access to the work of an artist fast becoming a significant international voice in loving service of the true, the good, and the beautiful.

    -Steve Bell

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