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Report and Request from Steve Bell / Christmas 2018

Greetings friends and supporters,

As 2018 draws to a close I can’t help but take a deep breath to begin the “cool down” from what was a very busy and different year for me.

Besides the regular flurry of concerts, 2018 saw the launch of my two-day retreat called For the Journey, which I offered in Toronto, Regina, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Victoria.  Response to the retreat has been very encouraging and so I am happy to continue offering it in other cities this coming year. Visit for information, endorsements and announcements of future events.

2018 also saw the launch of my new website which, I think, manages the various aspects of my work quite nicely. It’s a lot easier to find your way to the different aspects of my work from CDs and DVDs to concerts, retreats, books, blogs, etc. Check out the new site at

2018 also saw the release of my book series Pilgrim Year, which is a series of meditative reflections on the spirituality of the Christian calendar year. Karen Pascal, director of the Henri Nouwen Society called the series “a treasure,” and theologian/activist Brian Walsh wrote a marvellously poetic review of the project which you can read HERE…

The work I do is possible because of folks who help sustain it financially. Every year I have to raise about half of the funds necessary to cover the expenses of my work.  It is the year-end and many of you are now considering where you might allocate your donation dollars. If you find my work to be significant and hope to see it continue, would you please consider me in your giving? Donations are tax-receiptable and gratefully received whether they be one-time or monthly gifts:


Finally, if you are curious about my new book series but want a better idea of what it is about, we set up a dedicated website which you can find at

However, starting at the beginning of Advent I began to post, once a week, an excerpt from the book on my blog, which includes free audio for related songs mentioned in each chapter.  I am going to continue to offer weekly excerpts from the book until the beginning of Advent next year. If you’d like to receive these weekly posts to your email you can subscribe for that at

Otherwise here are links to the first few posts for those who’d like to sample:

Intro to Pilgrim Year…

Intro to Advent…

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Mary, Ark of the New Covenant…

It’s the Fast that Makes the Feast…

Thank you so much for all your kind support.  I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years now and am still quite energised to continue. In the next few months I hope to launch the promised podcast Way Stations, and later in the year I assume I’ll begin work recording my next collection of songs which will be my 22nd CD release since this all began in 1989.

Have a wonderful Christmas! The world is more than a little crazy these days, but there is yet cause for great hope and celebration because of the grace of Emmanuel, God with us.

Peace friends,

Steve Bell