Report From “The Rock”

Nance and I are safe and sound, home from three days in St. John’s Newfoundland (The Rock) where we attended the 2010JUNO Award celebrations. Although beleaguered by fog and rumors of the possibilities of being stranded there as a consequence of Eyjafjallajokull’s  fury, the event was a riot and I’m so grateful a friend insisted we attend and provided air-miles for Nanci and I to go.

Eyjafjallajokull Glacier - the source of all the fuss.
Michael Buble during opening song of the broadcast

The awards were split up into two separate evenings. Most were given out on Saturday night at a gala banquet where Canada’s newbies and veterans gathered to honor last year’s work.   My recent CD Devotion was up for an award in the Best Contemporary Gospel Album category. It didn’t win. But not to worry, I’ve been given this honor before and the project that did win, Matt Brouwer’s Where’s Our Revolution, is a worthy project – a finely crafted collection of songs produced by the legendary Michael Omartian (Thelma Houston, Steely Dan, Christopher Cross.) It would be hard to make a convincing claim that Matt didn’t deserve to win.

Blue Rodeo

The second evening was the national broadcast where the remaining ten awards were announced.  The show was wonderful to attend. The fans were ecstatic and deafening. The production was flawless and the performances were spirited.  My favorite moments were Blue Rodeo and K’Naan’s anthematic Wave the Flag.

Other events of the weekend included a meeting with a dozen or so pastors to see if there might be some enthusiasm for me bringing my symphony concert there. The idea was warmly received, as it was at another meeting with the artistic director of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra.  Yay! – I’d looove to do that concert there.

Otherwise, if you’ve never visited The Rock – you need to find the opportunity to do so. What a wonderful community of hospitable and uber-friendly folk. The town of St. John’s (I think the oldest city in North America) is as charming as charming gets and although I have little experience of the countryside inland, I understand it is magnificent as well.

I’ll leave you with some pictures:

Dining at the Gala

Matt Brouwer receiving award for Best Contemporary Gospel Album

Fellow nominees Matt Brouwer and Janelle Reinhart
K'Naan's "Wave the Flag"
Nanci at the Harbour
Nanci at the Harbour
Quidi-Vidi Harbour (not my shot)
Quidi-Vidi Harbour (not my shot)
"Jiggs Dinner" at the Big R Restaurant
Salt meat, cabbage, carrots, turkey, turnip, gravey, and something else I didn't know.
Charming is as charming does.