Sacred Head, Bubble Head and Wounded Body

Rublev's Trinity
Rublev's Trinity

By now I would  like to have written some kind of reflection on the season of Easter which, like Christmas, is really a complex of seasons  including Lent, Holy Week, Easter Sunday, Ascension Sunday, Pentecost – all pointing to Trinity Sunday. Trinity Sunday celebrates the uniquely Christian understanding of God as a communion of persons ever locked in a dynamic relationship of mutual-othering  and self-donation from which we get a present vision for personal dignity, social wholeness and a bright hope for  life eternal.

SteveI would have liked to have written something, but the truth is…. I got nuthin’. I can’t concentrate. The last weeks have been a whirlwind of travel and concerts – all good, but not exactly conducive to thoughtful reflection.

Meanwhile, my body is revolting (no comments please). Since before Christmas, my left arm has flared into a searing agony of pain from what doctors are telling me is advanced repetitive stress injury. I’ve been in regular therapy several times a week to try to get control of the situation, but I’m now being told that without extended rest (at least six weeks), healing should not be expected. And so now –  we have the task of finding time when I can get off the road for six weeks of dedicated rest with another few weeks of buffer to gradually return to playing. The assumption is that there will also have to be some lifestyle changes including regular rest, good food and exercise. Sigh…

And so… it seems most logical to take mid-June to early August for rehabilitation. Summer is not typically a great time for concert touring anyway and therefore the loss of revenue will be less than if I take the time off now or in the fall.  I’ll take a couple weeks for intensive therapy, a couple just to relax with Nanci, and maybe a couple to get a good start on that book I’ve been threatening to write.  I sure covet your prayers for the work I need to do in the meantime.

Otherwise, there is lots going on:  many concerts ahead, some new songs  and new opportunities to share this music in novel ways. My recent trips to California have been very exciting in terms of opening new possibilities for future symphony concerts into the U.S.   As much as I love solo concerts, and will happily do them for the rest of my life, there is a marvelous opportunity with symphony concerts. With an orchestra, a concert can take folks right to the edge of the Grand Canyon (metaphorically speaking.) What God does with them there is none of my business, but these kind of events can help get them/us there.  The very act of symphony, in my mind, is a reflection of the Tri-unity of God. It can be an experience of THE experience.  I love it.


Finally – If you haven’t already done so, check out the free Easter Radio we just put up. I gathered songs from all the Signpost artists that touch on the general themes of Easter (penitence, prayer, disorientation, re-orientation, death, resurrection, browning, greening, biblical narrative etc.) and put them on one player you can access for free anywhere  or any  time you have a computer and speakers.  It’s  there simply to help you enter into the constellation of seasons we call Easter.  Please feel free to let others know about it through your social networks.

Thanks for reading and staying in touch.



To listen to our Easter Radio, click HERE