Blog Sign Up: Win Steve Bell CDs and Concerts for Life


Hello everyone,

For those of you who like to follow my blog, I want to alert you to the fact that it has been moved from a separate blog domain to a sub-site of my website. What this means is that for those of you who had previously signed up to get my blogs delivered to your email, you’ll have to sign up again to continue to get them delivered.

This is easily enough done — simply look to the right of this page and you’ll see a sign-up feature. And to encourage you to do so, every year we will be drawing from the names of folks who sign up, and that person will win all my CDs… for life, as well as a pair of tickets to any concert of mine anywhere… for life.  (This only applies to concerts that we, Signpost, are in charge of, which is about 95% of all events.)

Just so you know, there is a difference between signing up for my blog, and signing up for my e-newsletter. The newsletter is delivered once every week or two and is more about news (i.e. information on upcoming concerts, CDs, conferences, etc). The blogs come out more sporadically—as I’m inspired to write—and are my reflections about life and faith, seasonal dates of note, current events and such. They almost always contain audio for songs I’m writing currently, or have written, that relate to what I’m reflecting on.

I’ll try to keep my blog titles clear so that when you get them in your email, you can quickly discern if it is something you’d like to spend time on, or simply pass.

You’ll also notice that at the end of every blog, there is an opportunity to drop a couple of bucks in the “collection plate” so-to-speak. This is a simple thing you can do, if you find the blog meaningful, to help me keep my work going (see example below).

So… sign up if you’d like to track with the sorts of things I like to think about. Of course, you can always unsubscribe if you don’t find it to be something that adds something of value to your days.