Songs For Holy Week

Songs for Holy Week4:06 AM.   Since I can’t sleep anyway, I thought I’d put up a few songs you may want to ponder during Holy Week.

1. “Keeping Vigil” connects our own passion with that of Christ.

2. “Stay Awake” takes you through the dismal disorientation the apostle Peter felt while failing to keep watch with Christ in Gethsemane.

3. “This is Love” is taken from the prayer Jesus prays for his friends as he wrestles in the brutal isolation of his passion (John’s Gospel).

4. “Gone is the Light” keens Good Friday’s desolation.

5. “Was it a Morning Like This” sings the joyful astonishment of Christ’s resurrection.

(Click on arrows to listen.  Click on song titles if you’d like lyrics as well.)






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24 thoughts on “Songs For Holy Week

  1. I don’t see any arrows or song titles and I didn’t on the last thing you posted either 🙁

    Hmmm… sorry Cheryl. It works on mine, and other’s haven’t had that problem as far as I am aware. I’ll ask my tech if he has any insights.

  2. Thanks for this beautiful collection!! I couldn’t sleep last night either – I should’ve turned my computer on and listened to this!! I’m going to share it on my wall this morning and hope and pray it encourages lots of people today!

  3. 24 years I’ve shared your music and ministry with my family and friends.and facebook. a place for ministry.You are prolific and specially touched by the Holy Spirit.I’ve always known that about you.God has a new ministry unfolding and you soon will know what direction to go in your life. Don’t be afraid …..your music has the Holy Spirit breathe… the marrow of our bones and ointment to our souls.Be blessed and steadfast…..I will share your music this day as Easter is always with us.

  4. Steve, I just had the same problem and then my techie son came and installed Google Chrome for me instead of just Google. How he did it all, I don’t know but that was the problem.

  5. I am having the same issue. I have five different spots that just say “sound cloud” and what appears to be sound waves. Any suggestions?

  6. Unfortunately, I am having the same problem as Cheryl – this one and your last post. Any ideas?

  7. It seems as though we’re having a browser issue with Internet Explorer. We’re working on it… please check back in a bit. – Steve

  8. Thanks for this post! With the baby due anyday now I can understand the need to get up& do something if you’re not sleeping… A great selection of songs for the week; me & baby G so appreciate your music Steve.

  9. Had the same issues until I downloaded Google Chrome (free download) as the earlier fellow suggested and then voila!…..all the songs appeared! Beautiful music! Thank you for posting….

  10. Thanks so much for sending – wasn’t able to connect for some reason but thanks for trying and have a blessed Eastertime. Sincerely, Mariyn Jarvis, Vancouver

  11. Yes! I already had Google Chrome and pulled the blog up with that and it works perfectly!

  12. Thank you for these! I always listen to music before my time of prayer and/or teaching from the Scriptures. I appreciate the different perspectives as I contemplate the events leading to the cross.

  13. I saw Louise’s share on her fb wall – and your songs are now a much-appreciated backdrop to my morning’s work. Thank you.

  14. Thanks so much. Needed songs for our Easter Saturday small group at the house. These will fit perfectly into the week-end theme of the Resurrection. a timely post

  15. I would love to leave a comment that makes you happy but for some reason unknown to me I can’t find the arrows on which to click. What is it about me and this website?
    Alma Siemens

  16. Hi Steve: Your Easter songs R awesome! So looking forward to your concert here in Eugene, OR on May 3. Can U believe it’s been 10 yrs since your last visit ? Safe journey… Sue

  17. Great selection of songs! I Enjoy listening to your music almost everyday for the past few years and love everything you create.

  18. You, Steve Bell, I have been amazed by God’s wonderworks through and through. I pray that I will harmonize with you Psalm 40. This is my dream that perhaps one day will be fulfilled. Your new songs and website thrill my heart, soul, spirit and God’s Temple. I thank God almighty for His almighty heavenly essence in his beloved Steve Bell. Many thanks indeed for bringing us into God’s presence through your lyrics and music always. One day when The School of Sweethearts is live we will sing your songs Steve. God’s Cheers & Chuckles & Blessings, Hélène xo

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