Steve Bell Photography in Oils Part 4

Daddy's Mandolin Photo by Tim Plett
Tim Plett's photo of his daughter Tayah

(The following is Part 4 of a series of paintings by Signpost staff, Faye Hall. The inspiration for the paintings came from photographs Steve Bell brought back from Bangladesh in 2008.  To view earlier paintings, see the links at the bottom of the page.)

Back to the beginning…I hadn’t painted seriously in years. It wasn’t until I saw some of Tim Plett’s photography that my hand started itching for the brush. I chose a portrait of his daughter Tayah, playing  Tim’s mandolin. When it was done, I called it Daddy’s Mandolin. (Tim is an awesome free-lance photographer, calling his company Dawntreader Photography. He does all of Steve’s tour and publicity photos.) At the time I thought…if I can paint a mandolin, maybe I was brave enough to tackle a few of Steve Bell’s India and Ethiopia photos.

Originally, I picked five of the best photos from Steve’s collection to paint. I didn’t tell him that I was painting them at the time, but confessed later on after two were finished. (I didn’t know if I would do a good enough job).  It was amazing that the first five I had chosen were his top favourites.

Mud Buddies hi rez
Mud Buddies - Oil Painting of Steve's Photo from India

I thought I had found enough of the inspiring photos, but perhaps I looked through them too quickly. One afternoon I was driving Steve home after work, and he opened his laptop computer to show me another of his favourite photos…how could I have missed it! The sheer joy and delight on the mud splattered faces of these boys was enchanting! They had nothing, but enjoyed playing in the mud as they worked. I had to paint this one next. I called the painting Mud Buddies. The most fun part of painting this one was the very last session – smearing the “mud” on the boys!

– Faye Hall, Signpost Music Director of Orders and Fulfillment

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  1. I have been enjoying these paintings you shared them Faye….this is by far the most ‘delightful’.
    Thanks..and nice to put a voice to a name.

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