Steve Bell Releases the “PilgrimYear Collection”


We’re so very pleased to announce the release of Steve’s third collection of reflections for a series of multi-media e-books he is spearheading on the spirituality of the Church Calendar Year. 

The broad project is called PilgrimYear (formerly Pilgrimage) and is available on a beautiful new e-publishing platform called Snippet.

The first collection (released Nov. 2013) focused on the various themes and feasts of the Advent season.


The second release touches on the major themes and traditions of Lent: a rich season of Christian reflection, which includes honest self-appraisal, repentance, renewal and yes, refreshment and rejoicing – all in preparation for the passion of Christ, and Easter.

The third release, Christmastide, is a reflective resource for the twelve days of Christmastide. It also includes three chapters by guest contributor, Malcolm Guite.

What’s intriguing about this project is that the Snippet publishing format allows Steve to reflect in writing, but also to include songs, videos and visual images, which makes for a unique experience.

Of the sixteen songs that come with this new collection, three are previously unreleased, currently being readied for Steve’s next album. So this is your chance to get an advance listen.

Included also are several poems by Malcolm Guite with audio clips of Malcolm reciting his works. You’ll also see works of art, ancient and contemporary, as the book progresses through some of the themes, fasts and feasts of the season.

Formerly, the PilgrimYear was only available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple App store. But with the release of this Lent collection, it is now available on a web-based format, which means it can be downloaded to computers and androids as well. 

We hope you’ll check this out. The cost per collection is only $2.99.  The Lent collection features 18 chapters with several guest chapter contributions from Malcolm Guite.

Click below to access the book:

View and Purchase “Pilgrim Year


Be sure to download the free Pilgrim’s Field Guide as well, which explains the vision of the series and includes helpful information.

We’ve really enjoyed watching this come together.  And we look forward to responses.


The Signpost Team


BTW – Steve plans to release several more collections in the fall of 2014 to round out the calendar year:  Epiphany, Holy Week, Eastertide, etc.

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