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Below is a review posted by  a concert-goer who attended Steve’s recent concert with the Kitchener Symphony Orchestra (Dec 6 | 09):


Dec. 6/09

Approximately ninety minutes ago I returned home with my spouse from the Kitchener Symphony show.

It was a magnificent musical tour de force! It inspired, relaxed and nourished us in ways that shall remain for a long, long time.

What a rare moment is was indeed to witness the highest degree of professional musicianship from Steve, the band (without peer) and our own world class K-W symphony.

The Christmas song selection literally begged and cried out for another Christmas CD from Steve. Silent Night was divine and pristine, the Christmas medley was inspired and wonderfully cool.

John Michael Talbot’s “Magnificat” induced chills that may well take months to abate.

Truly, the entire program simply never sagged anywhere close to good – it was always far above that (with the exception of some technical audio difficulties early on – Steve and the band handled this with aplomb and didn’t falter in any way).

The packed house was testament to the inescapable reality that Steve and his band (an Orchestra wouldn’t hurt either) need to be heard many times each year in concert halls around the world; with regular stops in K-W of course.

Mr Bell’s is a cause worth supporting without a shadow of a doubt. I truly hope that many thousands concur with these sentiments.

Many thanks are due to Steve, his band and his Staff.


Steve M

6 thoughts on “Steve with Kitchener Symphony | Review

  1. Thanks for the review. We are disappointed that we will miss the concerts in Saskatoon this coming weekend.

  2. I completely concur! This night will linger with me as well.

    In addition to the Steve’s soaring music and his storytelling — which sets us up to enjoy his songs that much more — one of the things I enjoyed most was actually watching the orchestra members respond to Steve and the band. It might have just been me but it seemed many of them began aloof and austere and warmed over the course of the evening, eventually smiling (imagine that!) and allowing their hearts to engage with the rest of us.

    Thank you, Steve, Mike, Gilles, Daniel, Rei et al…. for lifting our hearts with your extraordinary gifts.

  3. My husband and I were also at the KW concert on Sunday. We have been Steve Bell fans for many years and had looked forward to enjoying a symphony concert at some time! We were SO happy to have been there..we were literally in the last row in the balcony, yet the sounds were absolutely wonderful! We had invited friends too, who also met other friends there, sitting in the row in front of us, and they enjoyed their first Steve Bell concert! The song selection brought us right into this wonderful celebration season!

    Thank you Steve and everyone involved for giving us a very special gift at this giving time of year!

  4. Hi Steve:

    My 2 sisters and myself are from Brantford, Ontario. It has been over 6 years since we have been to one of your concerts.

    We were thrilled to finally see you last Sunday with your amazing band and the Kitchener Symphony Orchastra.

    Inspirational, joyous, etc.etc. I am at a loss for words.

    Thank you for the joy that you brought to us, especially at this time of year. You are truly a gift from God.

    Rose Simpson
    Brantford, Ont.

  5. The K-W concert was well..fantastic.!!
    Such a wonderful experience to have Christian artists painting a picture of such high quality, …reflecting what is and is yet to come, to a world so much in need of this wonderful Truth!
    Thankyou Steve & Co.!!

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