Steve with Kitchener Symphony | Review

Below is a review posted by  a concert-goer who attended Steve’s recent concert with the Kitchener Symphony Orchestra (Dec 6 | 09):


Dec. 6/09

Approximately ninety minutes ago I returned home with my spouse from the Kitchener Symphony show.

It was a magnificent musical tour de force! It inspired, relaxed and nourished us in ways that shall remain for a long, long time.

What a rare moment is was indeed to witness the highest degree of professional musicianship from Steve, the band (without peer) and our own world class K-W symphony.

The Christmas song selection literally begged and cried out for another Christmas CD from Steve. Silent Night was divine and pristine, the Christmas medley was inspired and wonderfully cool.

John Michael Talbot’s “Magnificat” induced chills that may well take months to abate.

Truly, the entire program simply never sagged anywhere close to good – it was always far above that (with the exception of some technical audio difficulties early on – Steve and the band handled this with aplomb and didn’t falter in any way).

The packed house was testament to the inescapable reality that Steve and his band (an Orchestra wouldn’t hurt either) need to be heard many times each year in concert halls around the world; with regular stops in K-W of course.

Mr Bell’s is a cause worth supporting without a shadow of a doubt. I truly hope that many thousands concur with these sentiments.

Many thanks are due to Steve, his band and his Staff.


Steve M