Dear friends and supporters,

I performed my last live concert on March 11, 2020, for the men of Drumheller Federal Prison in Alberta, which is where I first learned to play guitar as a young boy. My father was the chaplain at Drumheller between 1968 and 1972. It was there that the inmates gave me my first lessons in what would become a life-long vocation.

If you told me last spring that I wouldn’t be able to do concerts again for a couple of years, my heart would have stopped. When Covid first shut us down, Dave (my manager) and I hunkered down for what looked like a three to six month disruption in our work. We quickly pivoted to online concerts as a way to help people manage our collective distress… but it wasn’t long before we realized the pandemic was going to have a much larger footprint on our lives than any of us could have imagined at the time.

What is so humbling and affirming, is how many of you sent in financial gifts not only to help us survive the shut down, but to re-imagine our work and to build skills and capacity we would never have thought to attain under normal circumstances.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I hope you feel we have done wisely and well with your investment and trust. I’ve attached a link to a video of all we’ve accomplished in the last year with a few items we are planning for this fall and into 2022.

At this point, it is quite likely that I won’t return to concerts before early next year. Small business Government supports will soon come to an end and so I will be more reliant than ever on the support of those who feel this work is valuable.

Please don’t forget my ministry in the coming months. Already, donations are getting fewer and fewer as the pandemic drags on while simultaneously starting to abate. It will be some time yet before I’ll be able to do anything that will yield much in terms of financial return.

If you can consider a special donation at this time, I’d be so grateful. If you are already a monthly donor and can up your commitment by $10-$20 a month… I’d be so grateful.

There is no question that I and my team feel miraculously carried through this last season. My prayer is that we can emerge from this crisis better equipped to serve God and God’s own as the needs of the post-pandemic era become evident.

Many of you are aware that I recently published a seven volume series on the church calendar year called Pilgrim Year. We are now in production and creating an audio book version for release this fall. Dave has done a magnificent job with the editing and includes music, special guest narrators, and poetry by my friend Malcolm Guite. We have finished the first book (Advent) and I invite you to have a listen as our free gift to you for your support. There is a comments box, feel free to chime in with some feed back before we go into production of the rest of the series.

As well, many of you have been to our pay-for-view site to view various specials we have created and many of you have not. Again as our free gift for you I encourage you to have a look at my 60th Birthday Special, which is really a CD release concert for my latest project Wouldn’t You Love To Know?. The special includes many of the new songs and the stories behind them. Special guest musicians include Mike Janzen, Daniel Roy, Gilles Fournier, Jenee Fleenor, Murray Pulver and others.

Go to:

Steve Bell 60th Birthday Special Free Unlock Code: WYLTK60

*First time users will have to create an account first, just name and e-mail, use the code on check out, you will not be charged.

In other news, Nanci and I have a brand new baby grandson named Ellis John Bell! Our hope is that we can soon travel to Victoria to meet him. We, like so many of you, have been cut off from ones we love so very dear. Our hearts ache for our kids and grandkids. For our elders and for our friends. We know your hearts ache too.

I pray that the spirit of love that flows unimpeded within the dynamic of God’s Tri-unity will flow freely among us, God’s created, as well. We were fashioned to mirror such love, which is why divisions, be they physical, spiritual, or relational, are so painful. The pain is the indicator of the good for which we were made. Glory to God!

Peace friends,

Steve Bell


Our Work Since Last March
Steve Bell / Signpost Music

Recorded, wrote book accompaniment, and released 21st album, “Wouldn’t You Love to Know” on CD and Vinyl
-The album received several favourable reviews and a JUNO nomination

Created video studio in warehouse space and launched “The Loft Sessions” free online concert series – originally called “The Vault”. (see: Steve Bell YouTube channel)
-16 concerts to date
-The series received “Best New Media” award at Toronto film festival

Launched the Steve Bell Online Media Channel as a permanent home for pay-for-view, feature length concerts, documentaries and future teaching series.
-Re-released several vintage concert films and documentaries (more to be released)
-Created and released new concerts: New Album / Christmas / Valentine’s Day

Launched “The Storehouse” webpage of single-song performance videos for Churches to use for their online worship services
-We videotaped 25 songs as a free resource for pastors and worship leaders and charities to use in their online services and fundraisers

Created and released promotional videos for various songs (see: Steve Bell YouTube channel)
-Wouldn’t You Love to Know
-A Heartbeat Away
-Because We Hunkered Down
-In Memoriam
-This is Love
-Bethany in the Morning
-Dark Night of the Soul

Online Guest Appearances
-Recorded many videos as guest appearances for various fundraisers, church services, college chapels, private events etc.

Began recording an audio book for The Pilgrim Year book series – to be released this fall.