FAITH TODAY: Interview with Steve Bell

“Ours is an honourable and indispensable craft, and we need to take it seriously. We need to think deeply, feel deeply and avoid anything that is simplistic and cliché….”

Time For Rising | Easter Morning

A new song for Easter dawn…

The Feast of Saint Nicholas of Myra | Dec. 6

Poor ol’ Saint Nick (270-343 C.E.) has endured some serious revision over the centuries….

Open Letter to Faith-Day Attendees | Calgary Catholic Schools–Oct 31

Kin-dness is not a flat or sentimental niceness, but, rather, it flows from a deeply internalized sense of kinship…

Summer Newsletter 2013

A quick (reflective) update letter highlighting recent and upcoming events.

Week 6 / Women and Hunger

“Invest in the women” he said without reservation, “it’s by far the best bang for your buck…”