Today I Freed a Songbird…

Quick verse for a Saturday morning:




Today I freed a songbird who was trapped in our garage
And flapped against the pane that rendered freedom a mirage
I had to further terrorize the frantic feathered beast
Who could not know that capture was the terms of her release


Since then a friend informed me of another course to take
To cover every portal that takes panes to freedom fake
It seems an equal cruelty to darken hope from view
But such reveals the light of open doorways to fly through


-SB  May 11/13

Steve Bell




9 thoughts on “Today I Freed a Songbird…

  1. We experienced something similar with a hummingbird. After several frustrating moments, my husband was finally able to pick up the poor, exhausted bird and take him to the outside – to freedom. The hummingbird sat in his hand for a few moments, seemingly staring at him with understanding (?) and then he flew away.

    It was truly a moving moment for my husband. Thank you for your sharing.

  2. Steve,

    Thanks for this, today my heart is heavy because the Senate of the state of Minnesota has passed homosexual marriage.

    Your poem is very timely, and shows how what sometimes seems to be freedom is bondage, and what seems restraint is true freedom.

    Thank you brother – the Holy Spirit will not be stopped!



  3. LOVE it. You are such an insightful and eloquent poet. What a gift God has given to you as your spiritual act of worship.

  4. Tonight I witnessed a “songbird” take flight and grace us with his beautiful gift of lyric and prose, melody and notes, skill and wisdom. I sat in a little Baptist church and was touched in the places of my loss, in the joy of shared victories, in the humor of marriage and getting old and in the beauty of poignant words brought from the soul of one that is living life led by our God. Thank you so very much Steve for this ministry of yours that brings us all together as one in the beauty of Gods love and
    “kin-dness”! May God bless you and your family immensely!

  5. Freedom to the songbird… and then quiet reflections since. Looking forward to seeing you again in Toronto August 1st.

  6. Those words [Pamela] do so much relate feelings that I have also felt;
    i too am so grateful for the ministry of Steve Bell,
    and “kin-dness” is a favorite Album, for me. E. Weiss-baker

  7. Just discovered you. You’re my new favorite artist.god willing, I hope to hear you when you come to Houston. A FB fan introduced me to your music. Poem is exquisite

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