Try A Little Kindness

Hello folks.   The new CD, KINDNESS, is officially out and we’ve completed the first leg of the tour to promote the project. The concerts have been really well received so far and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with such great musicians in bringing a measure of beauty and delight to whoever is able to take in a concert.

The first few months after a new release is always very awkward for me as folks get used to new songs and new sounds.  The responses I get range from ecstatic enthusiasm to eye-contact avoidance :).  But I can happily report that this disc is generating an unusual enthusiasm for so early in the release. Personally, I suspect it will eventually be regarded as one of my better projects but that is really not up to me to determine.

Anyhoo…. if you want to purchase a copy, there are several avenues to access KINDNESS:

You can purchase the CD directly from me either on-line or by phone. Remember that if you purchase two or more of my CDs we automatically throw in a free copy of Kindness for you to give away to a friend (or enemy for that matter.) This is the avenue that generates the most revenue for me so obviously I’m pleased if you choose this route.

To order on-line, click HERE. To order by phone please contact Yvonne or Faye at 1-800-854-3499


You can also purchase the CD at most Christian bookstores in Canada. This saves you shipping fees and allows you to get the CD quicker than through the mail. It also supports the bookstores which play an important role in your community. I still do quite well financially with bookstore sales so don’t worry about that. Supporting neighborhood business is important and bookstores are struggling terribly these days. The stores have been very good to me over the years and I’m thrilled if my work can help them in return.

btw – In Winnipeg, the CDs are  available at Hull’s (downtown)  McNally Robinson (on Grant) and Savoir Fair (on Henderson at Johnson)


Also – you can download KINDNESS on iTunes or CD Baby. This is the most inexpensive way for you to access the new CD. You don’t get the benefit of the packaging and lyrics but if you listen to music primarily on an mp3 player, it is hard to justify the extra expense. You also can feel good about choosing an avenue that contributes minimally to the environmental problems we are facing these days.


In the end, I don’t really have a preference for how you get the music but I do hope you’ll give it a try. If you want more information about the CD – check out the dedicated website we’ve created for it.  There you can sample songs, read reviews and album notes, and get some of the back story.  If you like what you hear – make sure to send the Kindness e-card to your friends. You’ll find that feature at the top of the home page.

Cheers! And thanks for the support.

~Steve Bell

KINDNESS fan review from iTunes:

Steve Bell | KIN.DNESS | Each Song a Gem!

True art of rhythm, lyric, melody and harmony in each song.

It’s hard to settle on what I like best about each song – sometimes I’ll notice the turn of a lyric and think, Wow!” so beautifully crafted.” In other places I’ll notice the intricacies of of interesting rhythms. Oft times I’ll hear an amazing  blend of voice – who IS the female backup singer on some of the tracks? Her powerful and intriguing voice blends so sweetly and then suddenly contrasts with Steve’s in such engaging ways. And Steve’s arrangement of Stubble and Hay, juxtaposed with a “Tom Waits-ish” sort of poetic reading – awesome! And of course it goes almost without saying – there’s Steve’s guitar and voice though it all.

I love it!

Remaining cities on the KINDNESS tour schedule include Regina, Lethbridge, Calgary, Sylvan Lake, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Richmond, Victoria, Kelowna, Ottawa, Kingston, Bellville, Winnipeg.  For tour details see SCHEDULE