Try to Remember! Mike Janzen’s exhilarating new CD!

Mike 'n me before Edmonton concert

Remember my piano player Mike Janzen? This is the good humoured fellow who has wowed folks across the country with his astonishing playing. Mike is also the guy who has won enthusiastic industry and fan accolades for his  brilliant symphonic arrangements on my Symphony Sessions CD.

Mike has just released his third solo CD called Try To Remember. Sonically, the recording is gorgeous, and the chemistry between the players is immediately evident. Joined by jazz legends George Koller (bass) and Ben Riley (drums), Mike has produced the most whimsical, jazz renditions of classic Broadway tunes you’re likely to ever hear.

Songs include: Oh, What a Beautiful Morning, Consider Yourself, If I Only Had a Brain and Try To Remember.

In my estimation, this  CD thoroughly  encapsulates what we all love about Mike.

With Mike’s permission, I’ve included a track for you to listen to.  If you want to purchase, the link is directly below. My manager and I bought a whole box of CDs and are giving them away as Christmas presents this year.   If you want yours before Christmas, best order right away. Canadian orders recieved before the 15th are likely to arrive in time. US orders… best have them in by Monday the 13th.


click song title to listen:

Chim Chim Che-ree | Mike Janzen

To order, click HERE



Thanks for supporting independent Canadian music. We are all so greatful!

Merry Christmas!!

~ Steve

8 thoughts on “Try to Remember! Mike Janzen’s exhilarating new CD!

  1. My one-year-old son is dancing away at 6am. I was so pleasantly surprised when I heard Mike’s voice too! I was expecting just piano. Brilliant, as always.

  2. Got Mike’s new CD today and it is absolutely wonderful. The title track was actually my favourite song for a long, long time when Catherine McKinnon recorded it in 1967. I guess that dates me just a little…. Well done Mike!

  3. Always proud pleased and privileged to be involved with your variety of activities.
    Who’d have thot, Chim Chim Cherreeee ?!? Wondrous!
    Thank you all!

  4. Lovely, absolutely lovely!!! You guys are just THE BEST! God bless you all. And “Happy 2011!”
    Blessings and love, Kathleen

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