Until Then…

Amanda Falk
Amanda Falk

by Steve Bell

We’re so pleased to be releasing Amanda Falk’s newest CD, In Between the Now & Then. I met Amanda in a Starbucks about a year and a half ago. I had long heard about her wonderful music, but our paths hadn’t crossed.  When we finally did meet, she was in a transition that had her feeling a little off-balance and not particularly sure of herself or her vocation. Amanda was heading to the States somewhere  – to pray, reflect and hopefully to hear from God regarding next steps. I remember telling her that if she wanted to pursue music again, to at least call to see if we (Signpost Music) could be of any help.

Several months later, Amanda showed up again – energized and refreshed with a bevy of new songs in her back pocket.  We had her demo a dozen or so songs, and right away Dave and I felt we needed to offer to help with the project.  She hooked up with producer Adrian Bradford, we scrounged some money, made a few calls and voila!!! – Amanda’s new disc was recorded and is now released. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

The songwriting on this disc is very strong,  but my favorite is We Will Wait (listen below). It was the only song from those initial dozen I insisted must be included on the project. Like favorite songs often do, it connected with me at a personal level,  and with a story from my own experience:



I traveled through Israel/ Palestine several years ago (with an Arab guide), and again last spring (with an Israeli guide).  The human story of the conflict between Israelis and the Arabs in that land is so profoundly tragic  and there is hardly a day I don’t think about it.  The violence there has inflicted incalculable losses on both sides and unleashed an agony beyond description. The settled hopelessness that seems to have blanketed the landscape is haunting, and I’ve since read  dozens of books on the subject vainly trying to find that nugget of insight that might unlock the tragedy and set folks to dancing.  In the end, the more I learn,  the less vocal I get and the less sure I am of my opinions. To be sure, however,  monochromatic versions of the history or the people are more harmful than helpful. As Chris Hedges has so eloquently written, “Those who look at others as simple, one-dimensional caricatures fuel the rage of the dispossessed.”

Golan Heights

Over Easter, the mystery of Christ’s passion and His choice to absorb Rome’s pretense to power, once again overwhelmed me. This Man, according to Christian understanding, is True God from True God. And if Jesus is indeed the perfect radiance of God, then we’re dealing with a power whose nature it is to “suffer violence rather than sponsor it.” (Gill Bailie / Violence Unveiled)


Grafitti / Bethlehem

I often wonder what it actually means to follow this  Way, Truth and Life. What is the quality of this Light that is a “lamp unto our feet?” What kind of witness would it take  to start a contagion of blessing to counter the seemingly  indefatigable contagion of violence that threatens to destabilize peace world-over? How do others… how do I, come to trust the resurrection power of Love enough to abandon the impulse to self-secure in favour of becoming a flourisher of others?

I’m not sure how to get there from here, but until then

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[wpaudio url=”https://blog.stevebell.com/wp-content/uploads/07-We-Will-Wait.mp3″ text=”We Will Wait by Amanda Falk” dl=”0″]


Can You see us
it’s getting harder to breathe down here
are you near us
it’s getting greyer
the black and white is gone
the clouds have crowded their way in

we will wait
for the sun to rise again
’cause it’s coming
it’s coming ’round the bend
to rebuild things broken
retrieve things stolen
restore our tattered hearts

we are the beaten
the lost, confused, alone
we are children
ever searching for our home

so we will wait
for the sun to rise again
’cause it is coming
coming ’round the bend
to rebuild things broken
retrieve things stolen
restore out tattered hearts

so won’t You come
and shine Your light on us
won’t You come and shine Your light
won’t You come and shine Your light on us
oh how we need Your light
so won’t You come and shine Your light on us
oh how we need Your light

So we will wait…

Amanda Falk | In Between the Now & Then



We Will Wait is available on Amanda’s new CD, In Between the Now & Then. To view the album, sample songs or purchase, click HERE.




More pictures:

Jerusalem Day - outside my hotel, May 09

Western Wall
Separation wall at Bethlehem

Church of the Nativity / Bethlehem
Church of the Nativity / Bethlehem
Memorial at Holocaust Museum / Jerusalem
Memorial at Holocaust Museum / Jerusalem


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  1. Peace and Love to you for your music and
    your pictures from the Holy Land! I pray
    you’ve had a Blessed Easter! *Ruth

  2. I very much appreciate your comments and the photos – re: the war in the Middle East. Beautiful song. Thank you for sharing.

  3. great song from Amanda,and thephotos of the middle-east. The peace dove grafitti is great (this grafitti has a lot of meanjng)

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