Unto Us a Grandson is Born

Our grandson, Pax Carlo Keaton Giardino, was born yesterday morning at 6:15 am.

8lbs, 7oz

Pax eight hours

Already the fan reviews are promising. One lucky Londoner who was able to visit him yesterday in the hospital wrote:

“…magnificent….positively breathtaking…the radiant Pax!”


Pax (Latin) – Peace
Carlo (Italian) – Free Man
Keaton (English) – Kite town
Giardino (Italian) – Gardener

Clearly Pax will be a quiet man of refined leisure.


Luca and Steve GSo, here’s the story. Sarah, my daughter whom many of you know from her work on my albums and the 2004 Sons and Daughters tour, married Steve (fondly referred to as “him” 🙁  ) who immediately took Sarah away from us and moved to London Ontario. But for this minor misdemeanor (notice the “mean” in misdemeanor) Nance and I would probably like “him” and refer to “him” by name.

Luca and Bruno
Luca and Brando

Happily, within a few years, Sarah gave birth to our first grandson, Luca, who is no small consolation for the agony of distance. Luca is a riot! Loves to dance, bang on pots, play with the ever-patient Brando and make us laugh.  Although Luca has met his Pop-pop  several times, he mostly knows me through the wonders of Skype. When he sees me next week, he will likely be amazed that I am not quite as flat an individual that thinks I am. I have depth and dimension! And I cannot be dismissed by a simple escape button. NO!… I AM POP-POP!!!….. I AM ALIVE!!! (sorry)


SarahBack to the story. We were so pleased nine months ago when I opened an email from my daughter Sarah to see nothing but a picture of a positive pregnancy test.  It took a minute to register that so soon on the heels of Luca, there would be another. I think the Grandparents on both sides were slightly more ecstatic than Sarah and Steve who hadn’t deliberately conceived of another child quite so soon. (Do you see what I did there?)

But Sarah quickly grew to accept the idea.  (Do you see what I’ve done here?)

Sarah and her lads.
Sarah and her lads.

So we’ve been waiting, adventing;  knowing that if all went well, this Christmas we would all be gathering around another miracle.   Luca, of course, has no idea.  He just thinks his mother has let herself go… but doesn’t mind having an extra chair around the house.

He’s also been happy to have his grandma (Gangie) around already for several weeks to attend to his royal needs.

The due date  was yesterday, December 15th.  And precisely, on this date, at 4:30 am Sarah woke up to labour pains.  She quietly got out of bed and had a shower thinking she had lots of time, but by the time the shower was over, her contractions were 2 minutes apart.  She quickly woke up he-who-will-not-be-named and they managed to be heading to the hospital by 5:40 am. At 6:15, the “magnificent, positively breathtaking, radiant Pax” was born.

Nance (Gangie) and Pax
Nance (Gangie) and Pax

Of course I spent the morning weeping like the wiener I am.  I was so relieved Sarah was safe – and overwhelmed that I have been privileged to contribute to the “ages of ages.” I’m so happy for Nance that she can be there to experience her daughter’s joy and her beautiful grandsons. And, of course, I couldn’t be more pleased for “he-who-I’ve-come-to-love-and-admire.”

Luca and his Dad celebratin'
Luca and his Dad celebratin'

Sunday, my two sons (Jesse and Micah) and I will get in the car and drive to London to meet Pax for Christmas. I’m really looking forward to the road-trip with the lads.  On the way back home we’ll be taking in a concert of our favourite mutual band, The Bad Plus, in some funky jazz bar in Minneapolis.

Sarah, Steve, Luca and Pax – we love you more than even poems can say.

Whole be thou!

Pax out!

Babies are such a nice way to start people. ~ Herrold