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Cover of Steve Bell's Album "Wouldn't You Love to Know"

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The Steve Bell Online Media Channel features premium pay-per-view concerts such as:

  • The Steve Bell Album Release Concert & 60th Birthday Special
  • Steve Bell & Malcolm Guite: Live as the West End
  • Steve Bell – About Love: A St. Valentine’s Day Special
  • A Hunkered-Down Christmas with Steve Bell
  • and more…
  • Singer/Songwriter, Speaker, & Author…find out more about Steve in his bio!

  • A free resource of Steve’s songs (audio and visual) for use in online Worship services or other community online gatherings.

  • Explore the depth and richness of Steve’s music catalogue through samples, CDs and streaming services.

  • Experience the songs and stories live in a venue near you, or learn how to host your own Steve Bell concert.

  • Journey through the Christian Year with Steve’s award winning, seven volume book series.

  • The latest news and thoughts from Steve.