New Album Available Now

Cover of Steve Bell's Album "Wouldn't You Love to Know"

Steve’s new album out now. Wouldn’t You Love to Know is available as CD (with book), or Vinyl LP.

Online Media Channel

The Steve Bell Online Media Channel features premium pay-per-view concerts such as:

  • Steve Bell & Malcolm Guite: Live as the West End
  • Steve Bell – About Love: A St. Valentine’s Day Special
  • A Hunkered-Down Christmas with Steve Bell
  • The Steve Bell 60th Birthday & New CD Release Concert
  • and more…
  • Singer/Songwriter, Speaker, & Author…find out more about Steve in his bio!

  • A free resource of Steve’s songs (audio and visual) for use in online Worship services or other community online gatherings.

  • Explore the depth and richness of Steve’s music catalogue through samples, CDs and streaming services.

  • Experience the songs and stories live in a venue near you, or learn how to host your own Steve Bell concert.

  • Journey through the Christian Year with Steve’s award winning, seven volume book series.

  • The latest news and thoughts from Steve.