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Want to host Steve in your community?

Organizing a Steve Bell event is not as difficult as you might think.

Signpost Music makes it easy. We give you the “How to Kit” including all posters and promotional materials, and one of our dedicated concert administrators will be available to guide you right up to the time when Steve takes to the stage.

All we need is your commitment to promote the event to your community. Think of this as a partnership.

Steve travels every second weekend year-round and usually does three concerts, so there are a wide range of opportunities for him to visit your community.


Solo Concert:

A typical Steve Bell concert consists of Steve singing songs and telling stories from his latest album, yet including many old favourites.

Psalms Concert:

A typical psalms concert concentrates on Steve’s psalm-songs and stories. The audience generally picks their favourite songs, and Steve will sing and tell the corresponding stories.

Speaking Engagements:

Steve is increasingly being invited as a guest speaker/lecturer (with his guitar always close at hand!) for both private and public functions, be they denominational gatherings, staff retreats, lecture series, university courses, etc. Depending on the theme of your event and the number of sessions required, Steve is adept at tailoring his musical and story-telling offerings to suit.

For The Journey Retreat: 

Signpost Music is now offering an fascinating new way for the local faith community to interact with Steve, a weekend retreat with a Worship Journey focus (Friday evening & Saturday day). Featuring great stories, insights and of course music,Steve explores the fertile tradition and spirituality of a Trinitarian faith, navigating a pattern for corporate worship in tandem with the Christian calendar year, the Hebrew psalms, and ancient saints and prayers of the church. For details about the retreat, visit this page.


Let’s start a conversation.

Please let us know a few things about yourself by completing the form below. Your information will be sent to Dave Zeglinski (Steve’s manager), who will follow up with further details.