Remembering Bangladesh – More Paintings from Photos

In 2008 Nanci and I traveled with the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to Bangladesh and India. The purpose was to witness and film the development work that the CFGB supports and to produce a video from that footage to show back at home…

Steve Bell Photography in Oils Part 4

(The following is Part 4 of a series of paintings by Signpost staff, Faye Hall. The inspiration for the paintings came from photographs Steve Bell brought back from Bangladesh in 2008.  To view earlier paintings, see the links at the bottom of the page.) Back to the beginning…I hadn’t painted seriously in years. It wasn’t […]

Itinerary to Include Kenya

We’re leaving for Ethiopia in the morning. I’m not done packing yet. It’s so hard to know how to pack for such a trip. There has been a late addition of a few days in Kenya.

Day 1 Arrive and Wander

Traffic outside our hotel Time’s Square Stumbled on BirdlandTonight!! Kurt Elling30 Rock

Day 2 – Central Park and Wall Street

Philosopher’s Walk Rock/ Turtles/ Algae and… a work-out ball. Fixing Wall Street‘nuther view of 30 Rock

Introduction and Itinerary

Hi folks. I’m off this coming Monday to Egypt/ Israel for a whirlwind tour with Rikk Watts, Professor of New Testament Studies at Regent College. We’re basically going on a pre-trip to scout out a 2010 tour for a group of folks (mostly from the Seattle area) I have come to know and love over […]

Day One / Flight and First Impression / Cairo

The Nile River – taken from my hotel room. First impression flying over the Nile delta and toward Cairo is the absolute enormity of the city. It took half an hour to fly over it to get to the airport. There, we were met by a rather striking man, both in features and in demeanor, […]

Day 2 / Pyramids and Old Cairo

Great Pyramid at Giza Woke up this morning at 7am and by 8 had eaten breakfast, met our guide Magda, and were crossing the city to Giza to visit the three most famous of the 118 known pyramids in Egypt. First, let me correct last night’s description of Cairo. It is perhaps a bit more […]

Day Three – Luxor

The Nile from my hotel room window in Luxor I’m going to try to be quick here cause it was a long hot day and I’m up again early in the morning. So I may leave out a detail or two for now and come back and fill in later. Rikk and I flew out […]

Day 4 / Back to Cairo

This will be very brief. We saw another amazing temple this morning before catching a flight back to Cairo where we were immediately taken to the Egyptian Museum for the rest of the afternoon. We saw, among other things, the contents of Tutankhamen’s Tomb. To see this stuff is overwhelming. Of course we weren’t allowed […]