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Comfort My People

Comfort My People – Music and Lyric by Steve Bell
adapted from Isaiah 40
From the album Comfort My People

Do you know
Have you not heard
Has it been told you from the first
Have you not understood
From the forming of the earth
He sits enthroned
Above the world
And sets the heavens like a tent
A place for us to live in
A place for all to live

Who has measured the waters
In the hollow of His hands
Do you know
Who has marked off the heavens
With the breath of His word
Do you know
Comfort my people
Comfort my people
Says the Lord

He brought out
The starry host
One by one He called them by name
Why do you still complain
That He doesn’t know your ways
Lift your eyes
And look to see
Who created all of these
And never more complain
That He doesn’t know your ways


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