Pilgrim Year Book Series

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Journey through the mysteries of the Christian Year

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Pilgrim Year Box Set

Pilgrim Year Box Set

Move through the seasons of the Christian Year with all seven books of the Pilgrim Year Series with this beautiful box set.


Bundle the Pilgrim Year Box Set with the Companion CD and receive FREE SHIPPING.

Individual Books $9.99

Pilgrim Year Advent Book Cover


Advent, where we consider the mystery of the human person, whose dignity is to accept the invitation to take part in the drama of salvation, co-operating to bring Christ’s life to the world.

Pilgrim Year Christmas Book Cover


In Pilgrim Year – Christmas, we embrace the humble incarnation of the Creator of the cosmos and reflect on the astonishing humanity of Jesus.

Pilgrim Year Epiphany Book Cover


In Pilgrim Year – Epiphany, we meditate on the miracles and events that revealed Jesus’ divinity, and explore the two natures (human and divine) of Christ, to whom our souls are wed.

Pilgrim Year Lent Book Cover


In Pilgrim Year – Lent, we ponder the devastation wrought by our infidelities as well as the attachments and desires that draw our affections away from our Lord.

Pilgrim Year Holy Week Book Cover

Holy Week

In Pilgrim Year – Holy Week, we walk alongside Jesus to
the cross, where he took on our sins and redeemed us so that we might again truly and freely love, as well as know we are beloved by God.

Pilgrim Year Easter Book Cover


In Pilgrim Year – Easter, we experience a sustained reflection on the miracle of resurrection and the eternally evergreen life on offer through Christ’s victory over death.

Pilgrim Year Ordinary Time Book Cover

Ordinary Time

In Pilgrim Year – Ordinary Time, we come to realize the astonishing holiness of our daily lives. Here, we begin to understand with joy that the daily is impregnated with the divine.

Pilgrim Year Companion CD

Pilgrim Year Companion CD (2 CD Set)

A double CD of Steve’s music used in the Pilgrim Year Book Series

  • Visit the Pilgrim Year website for more information and to listen to the songs from the books.


  • Bell’s Pilgrim Year lays out a rich banquet of theology, memoir, poetry and song. The experience of reading, reflecting and then listening, was a bit like being at a really well-developed spiritual conference or retreat.

    Craig Terlson
    author of Fall in One Day

  • These meditations combine a scholar’s learning, a poet’s precision, a musician’s imagination, an adult’s realism, and a Christian’s faith – and faithfulness.

    John Stackhouse
    author / theologian

  • In Pilgrim Year, Steve Bell does something truly remarkable: he brings readers into a deeply thoughtful and creative exploration of the ancient Christian calendar. Readers familiar with the liturgical seasons and readers encountering them for the first time will find themselves caught up in Bell’s use of song, poetry and personal reflection.

    Dr. Michael Boyce
    Vice President Academic, Associate Professor of English and Film Studies, Booth University College

  • The Pilgrim Year series is an insightful and deeply personal walk through the major seasons of the liturgical year. Everything we’ve come to love about Steve Bell is evident here: his warmth, his stories, and his rich theological insight. What a treasure!

    Dr. Christine Longhurst
    Assistant Professor of Worship and Music at Canadian Mennonite University