On The Road Again – with Don Amero

Read: How I spent my summer / new album / new documentary / beautiful new version of Burning Ember by Don Amero…

Week 5 / The Human Right to Food

I don’t spend much time thinking about my own human rights. They’ve hardly ever, if ever, been seriously transgressed…

Blogs and Videos

Samplings and links to Steve’s more popular blog entries of the past year. Also includes links to several of Steve’s videos.

Avatar, Parsnips and Aboriginal Agony

As stunning an achievement the movie Avatar is, it is still no match for the wondrous smell of fresh-cut parsnips. I’m not kidding…

Devotion Wins at Western Canadian Music Awards!

The 2009 Western Canadian Music Awards wrapped up Sunday night (Sept. 20th) in Brandon, as dozens of artists took home prestigious pieces of hardware. Of the many of our Signpost comrades who were nominated for the awards, we are soooooo pleased to announce…..drum roll please……the winner for Contemporary Christian Gospel Recording of the Year is our very […]