BURNING EMBER: The Steve Bell Journey / Laurels and Awards

…the film has been selected for several film festivals, and is racking up a respectable number of awards.

Order Soon for Christmas Delivery!

Please let me remind you of a couple of things that might make for lovely Christmas gifts this year…

My Music Video History – With Thoughts On The Latest

Film director Andrew Wall set the new video in Winnipeg’s infamous North End, a community Nanci and I and the kids lived in for about ten years…

Now Available on DVD! BURNING EMBER: The Steve Bell Journey

Burning Ember leaves an indelible impression of the passion that burns within the heart of a great artist. I feel blessed to have seen it. —Tom Jackson |actor

On The Road Again – with Don Amero

Read: How I spent my summer / new album / new documentary / beautiful new version of Burning Ember by Don Amero…