Malcolm Guite | Songs & Sonnets | Audio CD producer: Roy Salmond executive producer: Steve Bell Anyone who knows me knows of my enthusiasm for the work of English poet Malcolm Guite. Honestly? —if anyone bothers to write about me after I’m gone, I imagine they will write that the first half of my career was […]

Here I Am! Contemplate Me.

Socially speaking, Jesus was low-born, conceived in the womb of an unwed woman whose people were the despised and disposable underclass of a powerful empire. This is how the God of the Christian scriptures first chose to self-identify: in solidarity with the vulnerable, obscure and lowly…

FAITH TODAY: Interview with Steve Bell

“Ours is an honourable and indispensable craft, and we need to take it seriously. We need to think deeply, feel deeply and avoid anything that is simplistic and cliché….”

Avatar, Parsnips and Aboriginal Agony

As stunning an achievement the movie Avatar is, it is still no match for the wondrous smell of fresh-cut parsnips. I’m not kidding…

Love Loves You Too

Love Loves You Too Music and Lyric by Bruce Cockburn Some people get to make the news Some people get to say what’s true Everybody’s got to find their own way through But if you love love, then love loves you too Some people get to fly by night Some people get to shine a […]

God Bless the Children

God Bless the Children Music and Lyric by Bruce Cockburn Night comes The mask of the world Resolves into round bits of silver on the table Round arrow nocked against the bow Round fruit devoured by time While the moon climbs Sea swells Illusion is queen In the shallow graves of experience time-centred Grave silence […]

My Lady and My Lord

  My Lady and My Lord Music and Lyric by Bruce Cockburn Up above my shoulder the ragged rooftops rise Casting shadows over streets they seem to despise Come on, come on, wind and rain I know the sun will shine again Till then my lady and my Lord will keep me sane I went […]

Closer to the Light

Closer to the Light Music and Lyric by Bruce Cockburn From the album My Dinner with Bruce There you go Swimming deeper into mystery Here I remain Only seeing where you used to be Stared at the ceiling ‘Til my ears filled up with tears Never got to know you Suddenly you’re out of here […]

Southland of the Heart

Southland of the Heart Music and Lyric by Bruce Cockburn When the wild-eyed dogs of day to day Come snapping at your heels And there’s so much coming at you That you don’t know how to feel When they’ve taken all your money And then come back for your clothes When your hands are full […]

Pacing the Cage

  Pacing the Cage Music and Lyric by Bruce Cockburn Sunset is an angel weeping Holding out a bloody sword No matter how I squint I cannot Make out what it’s pointing toward Sometimes you feel like you live too long Days drip slowly on the page You catch yourself Pacing the cage I’ve proven […]