Justice In Principle – Freedom In Deed

“Over the sad century of Canada’s relationship with Shoal Lake 40 First Nation, thuggery has been afoot… “

Good Work and Gratitude | Thoughts for Thanksgiving

Fall is magnificent: the cool wind carrying sounds of another’s labour in the distance, the bug-lessness, the slice of my shovel turning dirt, the rub of moist soil from those roots, Daisy lazing on the grass in a patch of dappled sun… all magnificent. I sometimes forget how restful and restorative work can be.

Kindness – Album Notes

Reflections on the upcoming CD KINDNESS…

Blast From The Past

Check out two new songs I recorded for CBC’s Manitoba Covers Project…

Debt, Dictatorship and Disaster – A brief history of Haiti

Haiti’s history has been birthed in debt, borne by dictatorship and bludgeoned by disasters – a legacy of suffering that perhaps now, might receive the attention it needs….